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Status effects

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Regular status effects

These are status effects that can be caused by and dealt to players as well as monsters. There are beneficial and malevolent ones, but they are all only temporary. Most malevolent ones can be inflicted by traps, attacks of certain elements and/or TECHNICs designed for this purpose (only when dealing over 0 damage!), and can be cured by other TECHNICs (particularly Reverser), recovery items (such as Antimate and Sol Atomizer) and/or waiting. Most beneficial ones can be caused using TECHNICs or status enhancement items, and can be negated using opposite TECHNICs.

Icon Name Effect Causes Counter
Status attup.gif Boost ATP Increases ATP Shifta, Agtaride, Megistar, Megistaride Jellen, Lower ATP, time
Status defup.gif Boost DFP Increases DFP Deband, Defbaride, Megistar, Megistaride Zalure, Lower DFP, time
Status accup.gif Boost ATA/EVP Increases ATA and EVP Zodial, Zodiaride, Megistar, Megistaride Zoldeel, Lower ATA/EVP, time
Status techup.gif Boost TP/MST Increases TP and MST Retier, Retaride, Megistar, Megistaride time
Status attdown.gif Lower ATP Decreases ATP Jellen, Hegel Buster, Yak Maga, Vish Promoto Shifta, Agtaride, Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Antimate, time
Status defdown.gif Lower DFP Decreases DFP Zalure, Rafal Buster, Twin Mayalee, Masei-shiki Deband, Defbaride, Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Antimate, time
Status accdown.gif Lower ATA/EVP Decreases ATA and EVP Zoldeel, Barada Maga Zodial, Zodiaride, Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Antimate, time
Status burn.gif Burn Deals steady damage Burn traps, Fire-element bullets, Fire-element attack TECHNICs, Fire-element RCSMs, Sturm Buster Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Antimate, time
Status freeze.gif Freeze Unable to do anything Freeze traps, Ice-element bullets, Ice-element attack TECHNICs, Ice-element RCSMs, Boma Maga, Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Damage, time
Status shock.gif Shock Unable to use attacks, skills or bullets Shock traps, Lightning-element bullets, Lightning-element attack TECHNICs, Lightning-element RCSMs, Grom Buster Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Antimate, time
Status silence.gif Silence Unable to use TECHNICs Silence traps, Ground-element bullets, Diga, Gidiga Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Antimate, time
Status confuse.gif Confuse Player controls become erratic,
Creature attacks can hit other creatures,
Creature TECHNICs can ignore players,
Confuse traps, Light-element bullets, Ramegid, some Dark-element RCSMs, Meteor Buster Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Antimate, time
Status infection.gif Infection Deals steady damage Virus traps, Dark-element bullets, Dammegid, some Dark-element RCSMs Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Antimate, time
Status stun.gif Stun Unable to do anything Nosdiga, some Ground-element RCSMs, Stun EX traps, Blitz Buster, Reverser, Sol Atomizer, time
Status poison.gif Poison Deals steady damage Poison traps, Damdiga, some Ground-element RCSMs Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Antimate, time
Status sleep.gif Sleep Unable to do anything Sleep traps, Light-element RCSMs, Vish Fearac Reverser, Sol Atomizer, Damage, time
Status charm.gif Charm Charmed creatures try only to attack the player who charmed them Barada Chamga, Bouquet, Twin Bouquets, Vish Feara time
Status incapacitation.gif Incapacitate[1] Can only wait until revived or leave the field.
If a friendly player/NPC is incapacitated, decreases overall mission score on missions that count deaths.
Damage (to the point of 0 HP),
Killer Shot,
Moon Atomizer, Moon Atomizer X, Giresta,
Vijeri / Resist
  1. Unlike other status effects, Incapacitate does not automatically heal after some time.

Effect damage

Poison, virus, and burn all deal damage. The damage dealt is based off of the max hp of the afflicted and is unmodified by resistances or defense. Damage that would result in a lethal wound instead deals enough damage to leave the target at 1 hp.

Effect Intervals Interval Length Damage per interval
Burn 5 2s (1+effect level)% of max health
Poison 3+status level*2 3s 2% of max health
Virus 4+status level 4s 5% of max health

Battle effects

Name Effect Causes Counter
Launch Launches an enemy into the air Certain skills, Mayalee Fury, SUVs None
Blowaway Blows away an enemy Certain skills, Mayalee Prism, SUVs, Regrant None
Blowdown Makes an enemy collapse Certain skills, TECHNICs None

Special effects

Name Effect Causes Counter
Cut phys. dam. Reduces physical damage one time per segment. Dizas Physical damage
Cut TEC dam. Reduces TECHNIC damage one time per segment. Rentis TECHNIC damage
Auto recovery Lv1: 1% HP Recovery every 4 seconds
Lv2: 2% HP Recovery every 5 seconds
Lv3: 3% HP Recovery every 6 seconds
Lv4: 4% HP Recovery every 7 seconds
Lv5: 5% HP Recovery every 8 seconds
Effect is rounded down.
Giresta, Vivienne Fluge , Rapia Fluge, Whitill Wing,
Hp restore extra units: Me, Tero, Hard, Orpa, and Lumira.
HP affects pwr Damage increases based on the ratio of current HP to max HP Yak Zagenga, Nosmegid None
HP steal Lv1: 1/15 (6.67%) damage dealt returned as HP
Lv2: 1/10 (10.00%) damage dealt returned as HP
Lv3: 1/6 (16.67%) damage dealt returned as HP
Mayalee Hit, Kyumeisei-shiki, Megiverse,
Neiclaw, Twin Neiclaws, Neiclaw+, Twin Neiclaws+
Damage reflection Lv1: 1/8 (12.5%) damage dealt returned as damage
Lv2: 3/20 (15%) damage dealt returned as damage
Boma Duranga, Regrant, Ank Kilik, Soul Eater None
Boost all stats All 4 boosts, but takes 7% HP every few seconds,
These are five separate effects
Megistar, Megistaride None

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