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Phantasy Star Portable is the third iteration of SonicTeam's Phantasy Star Universe series. The game is exclusive to the Sony PSP and was released in Japan on July 31, 2008, in the U.S. on March 3, 2009, and in Europe on April 17, 2009.

While Portable offers no online capabilities and thus is not connected with the PC, PS2 or Xbox 360 servers, four player multi-player is available via ad hoc. In addition, there is a single-player story mode where players accompany Vivienne, a new CAST prototype from GRM, to investigate recent terrorist activities across Gurhal.

New features

Phantasy Star Portable introduces a number of new features which will set it apart from its console predecessors.

  • While in a party for wireless multiplayer, if a rare armor or weapon is collected, it will be distributed to all party members. If a rare item (example: Scape Doll) is collected, the item will then be distributed only to one player (determined by the games item order settings set by the leader).
  • Drop items in a mission change based on the Guardian type of the party leader.
  • Enemies and boxes drop only weapons, line shields and related items. Also, photon art disks drop during missions as area drops or boss box drops.
  • Movement in cities is changed so that you can select a location to go to from a menu instead of walking there. There are no lobbies, as such.
  • Weapon grinding is changed to get rid of the chance of failure. However, instead of stats increasing at predetermined values, increases will be random.
  • For the PSU side story mission related to PSP, see Innocent Girl.
  • The Japanese version of the game also allowed players to import their character data from PSU. This only affected looks, clothes, and level (up to 20) though.

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Work-in-progress details

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Page Status Comment
Shops Near Completion A few things are yet to be done, and beyond those obvious things a few further improvements can be made,
but otherwise it's generally at a level of basic usability/usefulness.
Clothes and parts In Progress Clothing and Parts templates have been created, beginning to add the items into their tables and create pages for individual items.
Items In Progress All weapons have their own pages now (some still missing pics?).
Units and Line Shields barely do so far.
Drops In Progress Partly obsolete now it turns out the US version has no DLC. Either directly edit the templates[1] or resort
to one of the threads on the topic[2][3] to help put all the info in one place (or two).
Battle Types In Progress Stat values on the job pages need to be filled.
Enemies Near Completion Individual pages have pics and pre-US drop templates. All pics completed.
Technics Near Completion Template is finished. Most PP, Dmg, and Tech effect values inputted. Working on exp table.
Bullets Near Completion Filling out some bullet stats and getting experience table made and it will be done.
Skills Near Completion More info needed on missing values but the page is relatively done
PMs Near Completion All it needs in correct equipment info and links and it's done DawgPilez 23:20, 18 October 2008 (CDT)