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The GUARDIANS are a security organization established to ensure the safety of their clients, dealing primarily with requests from individuals concerning dangerous native creatures and criminals.

In the Gurhal System there is an official police force, but they are unable to police the entire system by themselves. For that reason, this interplanetary company was created, and Guardians are granted limited police powers in the execution of assigned missions.

Affiliated characters: Karen Erra, Hyuga Ryght, Leogini Santosa Berafort, Tonnio Rhima, Lou, Maya Shidow, Lucaim Nav, Obel Dallgun, Laia Martinez, Vivienne, Clamp Manyel, Mina

Alliance Military Force

A.M.F. logo

One hundred years earlier, at the end of the final great war, the Alliance Military Force (A.M.F.) was created via the Tripartite Treaty as a mutual deterrent to keep order in the system. The Alliance Military has a command system that is independent from any planetary government. They are a neutral power, suppressing military disturbances throughout the Gurhal System.

Their funding is provided by the governments of all three planets, but their ranks are comprised almost entirely of CASTs.

Affiliated characters: Fulyen Curtz, Mother Brain, Mikaris Geid, Stank Geese

Endrum Collective

The Endrum logo

The Endrum Collective is a special ops force affiliated with the AMF.

Other than the fact that their goal is the 'preservation of the Relics' and that the person in charge of this group is known as 'Endrum Harness', everything about this group is shrouded in secrecy. According to some reports, they have been in existence for over thirty years; but because the organization disappeared, and SEED invaded, no-one knows the real details anymore...

Affiliated characters: Renvolt Magashi, Endrum Harness

Communion of Gurhal

CoG logo

The Communion of Gurhal carries out the propagation of the Gurhal Faith and religious ceremonies as a religious organization. They also act as a political body, carrying out governmental duties on Neudaiz.

Four high-ranking members of the Communion, known as Light Masters, rule over "Festas," "Governmental Affairs," "Culture," and "Guard." These four are presided over by the Photon Master.

Affiliated characters: Mirei Mikuna, Dohgi Mikuna, Izuma Rutsu, Kinian Tope


Rogues logo

In Moatoob's satellite belt there are many areas that are too dangerous for warships and other large vessels, leading to relaxed enforcement of laws. As a result, there are many asteroids serving as rogue bases for pirating activities, casinos, and illegal businesses.

Within the rogues there are numerous groups, called "families," exerting their power and fighting for control.

Affiliated characters: Alfort Tylor, Liina Sukaya, Vol Brothers, Gawik Vopa


From Phantasy Star Portable (US): A secret society whose goals include freeing Humans from the CAST government and the eradication of non-Human races.

There are many mysteries surrounding them, and they are difficult to come into contact with, and the people they've sacrificed to stay hidden is no small number.

Within the GUARDIANS, information regarding this organization is classified as top secret, and very few have any knowledge of them.

Affiliated characters: Karl Friedrich Howzer, Helga Neumann, Rudolph Lantz

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