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In Phantasy Star Universe, three planets exist, and, subsequently, three "languages" exist. These "languages" are visible on each planet and the GUARDIANS Colony. Each "language" is simply a decorative font and is easily readable.


The alphabet used on Parum is very minimal, matching the straight-to-the-point personalities of the CASTs which inhabit the planet. This typeset is also used on the Guardians Colony. The letters in this font do resemble their legible counterparts.


Previously misconceived as Kanji with specific meanings, the language seen on Neudaiz is also just an ornate font designed and used to match the traditional and ceremonial air and ambiance of planet Neudaiz. Few letters in this font resemble actual letters.


The letters seen on Moatoob are arabesque in style. Any person unfamiliar with Arab may confuse this with Arab writing. Most of these letters share characteristic shapes with their corresponding letter.

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