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Mother Brain

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Mother Brain
Mother Brain.jpg
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Enemy type Boss
Enemy size Large
Classification Boss
Elements Lightning

Mother Brain once controlled the Alliance Military Force, issuing orders to soldiers from Parum's AMF Central Command. After being infected by the Illuminus' SEED-Virus, she went berserk, sending many of the CAST soldiers under her command out of control.

Defeating Mother Brain in the Xbox 360 version of Ambition of the Illuminus will unlock an achievement worth 50 points.


  • Mother Brain will occasionally attack by sending two saw blades down the field which may knock down anyone who is hit by them.
  • At close range, she may activate a shield which will nullify all damage to her body. She prefaces this with "Anti-material Shield Activated."
  • If dealt enough damage, Mother Brain's arms may deactivate. This is only temporary, however, as a downed arm will reactivate after a set period of time has passed. Disabling both arms prevents Mother Brain from using her shield.
  • Capable of using multiple TECHNICs including Rafoie, Rabarta, Razonde, Radiga and Ramegid. Occasionally she may also cast Jellen and Zalure on players.
  • If at least one of her arms are functional, She will shoot missiles at you, prefacing this with "Target locked-on."
  • If both arms are disabled, she will use her smaller arms. She'll swipe in front of her with one arm, causing a blowaway knockdown, and either after one spell or immediately after the swipe, smash the area right in front of her with both hands, causing a blowdown knockdown, and possibly the stun status effect.


Stat modifiers Half damage
HP 1650% ATP 210% ATA 280%
TP 250% DFP 280% EVP 110%
MST 150% STA 100% EXP 3800%


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