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Lucaim Nav

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This article contains plot-related information which can be considered spoiler material. Continue reading at your own risk!


Lucaim Nav
Lucaim Nav


Name Lucaim Nav Affiliation GUARDIANS
Race CAST Gender Male
Age 178 Height 170Rp
JP Voice Ichirō Nagai
(永井 一郎)
EN Voice Darren Jennings


A Guardian since the organization was first established, he's the oldest member of the GUARDIANS and headmaster of the GUARDIANS Training School. Many Guardians trained directly under him, including the current president, and he has a faithful memory of each student, particularly their weak spots. He is held in great esteem. His strength is still plentiful, although his body has succumbed to a common CAST ailment.

Episode 1

Lucaim is minor compared to most characters, only appearing once or twice; Mainly in mission briefings. He does, however, play a large part in chapter 4, helping the party through the train mission. His most notable appearance was during the Train mission where he effortlessly took on the Vol brothers alone, and left them all in a heap. During episode 4, (About half-way through), he collapses, forcing Hyuga to stay behind and Ethan to go on ahead. He's later seen on the G-flyer laughing about it - however he actually suffers from ICS (Instant Crash Syndrome), a "disease" that affects CASTs close to 200 years old. Afterwards, he spars with Ethan (and comes out victorious).

Episode 2

Episode 3

At the start of Episode 3 Lucaim Nav is no longer with the GUARDIANS as a result of Mother Brain (the centrol control unit for all AMF CASTs) being infected with the SEED-Virus. In Chapter 5 the headmaster is back with the GUARDIANS thanks to the destruction of Mother Brain by Fullyen Curtz and his party.

Random Facts

Partner character

Partner card

Lucaim Nav
Lucaim Nav
Race CAST Gender Male
Type Hunter (1) Level +5
Card comment I'll make a
Guardian out of
you yet.
Card requirements Episode 3 Chapter 5


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
TENORA WORKS Neutral Gudda Godda Bogga Danga LV11 to 20 skill LV1+
Twin claws
Yohmei Neutral Ran-Misaki Renzan Seidan-ga LV21 to 30 skill LV25+
TENORA WORKS Ice Gudda Skela Bogga Danga LV21 to 30 Skill LV50+
G.R.M. Light Crozier
Resta LV21 to 30 TECHNIC LV1+
Equipment Name Effect Used during
Line shields
Yohmei Ice  ?-senba - LV1+
Extra units
G.R.M. - Hegel Buster Sweeping Gatling gun SUV LV20+



Voice Lucaim Nav's voice (unique)
Everyone! Scatter and attack from all directions!
Got it!
I'm going in! [Player], watch my back!
[NPC's first name]! Let's go in!
I'm gonna getcha!
Leave the group boss to me!
Low LV enemies What a waste of time!
High LV enemies Oh mercy! This'll be hard...
Cute enemies Don't judge your enemy by its appearance!
Many enemies They're everywhere!
Lost Hey [player]! Where'd you go?
Found There you are, [player]!
Status up I can keep this up all night!
Status down I'm getting too old for this.
Burn Fire!
Freeze  ?
Shock  ?
Confuse Uh-oh! Body's not responding...
Poison  ?
Silence Urk...
Stun  ?
Low HP I need someone to cover me!
Enemy trap  ?