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GUARDIANS Advanced Content

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GUARDIANS Advanced Content (previously known as AOTI supplemental update, from the Japanese name 「イルミナスの野望」追加アップデート) refers to a massive, ongoing content update which began its release on the Japanese PC/PS2 servers as a free-to-download patch. This content was released to the Xbox 360 servers on July 19th, 2010. Many new weapons and clothes are added with this update, as well as various system balance adjustments made across the board.

New items

Over 160 new items are added with this update, including many weapons from Phantasy Star Portable, such as (Amore Rose), (Twin Distortion) and (Din De Bel). These items will not be added all at once, but will instead be released periodically as new enemy and mission drops as well as exchanges.

Balance adjustments

Exact counter

  • Exact counter will be adjusted so that the user will be invincible for the duration of the counter.

Type adjustments

  • Guntechers and Wartechers will both be able to equip double sabers up to grade A.
  • The following tables lists the adjustments made to each type (where applicable).
Type name Adjustments
Hunter --
Ranger --
Force --
Fighgunner Base ATP increased.
Guntecher Base ATP increased.
Wartecher Base ATP, ATA, TP, DFP, EVA and MST increased.
Fortefighter --
Fortegunner Base ATP increased.
Fortetecher Base EVP increased.
Protranser Base ATP and ATA increased.
Acrofighter Base ATP increased.
Acrotecher Base ATP and TP increased.
Fighmaster --
Gunmaster Base ATP increased.
Masterforce Base TP, EVP and HP increased.

SUV weapon adjustments

Photon art adjustments

  • All longbow bullets will receive increased firing rate and attack power. Furthermore, all LV41-50 longbow bullets inflict LV5 status effects.
  • All grenade photon arts will receive a reduction in PP cost. At LV41-50, all grenades will have increased accuracy.
  • Instead of always hitting, Anga Jabroga will be adjusted so that its accuracy depends on the user's ATA.
  • The following table lists the adjustments made to each skill (where applicable).
Category Skill name Adjustments
Swords Gravity Break Second and third attacks hit only one target. Attack power increased, PP cost reduced.
Spinning Break Attack power of the first attack increased.
Tornado Break Power increased overall.
Knuckles Bogga Danga --
Ikk Hikk --
Bogga Zubba PP cost reduced.
Bogga Robado Power of second and third attacks increased.
Spears Dus Daggas Power of first and second attacks increased.
Dus Majarra PP cost increased. Power of second attack reduced.
Dus Robado Power increased overall.
Double sabers Spiral Dance Power of second and third attacks increased.
Absolute Dance Power of third attack increased.
Tornado Dance Mobility decreased.
Gravity Dance Power of third attack increased.
Axes Anga Redda Power of second attack increased.
Anga Dugrega --
Anga Jabroga User's ATA determines accuracy.
Twin sabers Splendor Crush Power increased overall.
Assault Crush PP cost reduced. Power of third attack increased.
Cross Hurricane PP cost reduced. Power of third attack increased.
Rising Crush Power of first and third attacks increased.
Twin daggers Moubu Seiren-zan --
Renga Chujin-shou PP cost reduced. Power increased overall.
Renkai Buyou-zan --
Hishou Jinren-zan PP cost reduced. Power increased overall.
Twin claws Bukuu Rensen-ga PP cost reduced.
Renzan Seidan-ga PP cost reduced. Power of third attack increased.
Chuei Jitotsushin Power of third attack increased. Overall target count increased by one.
Rensan Senshou-ga PP cost reduced. Power of second attack increased.
Sabers Gravity Strike PP cost reduced. Power increased overall.
Spinning Strike Power increased overall.
Rising Strike Power increased overall.
Daggers Buten Shuren-zan --
Hikai Shuha-zan PP cost reduced. Power of first attack increased.
Shunbu Shouren-zan PP cost reduced.
Claws Shousen Totsuzan-ga PP cost reduced. Power increased overall.
Senten Kanzan-ga PP cost reduced. Power increased overall.
Bukuu Saien-zan PP cost reduced. Power of second attack increased.
Whips Vivi Danga Power of second attack increased.
Visshi Grudda Power of second attack increased.
Slicers Choutou Kantsu-jin Power increased overall.
Chikki Kyoren-jin --
  • The following table explains the adjustments made to each bullet listed.
Category Bullet name Adjustments
Rifles Killer Shot PP cost reduced.
Shotguns Barada Chamga Power increased.
Longbows Chousei-sou PP cost reduced.
Masei-sou Power increased.
Grenades Boma Maga Number of targets increased by one at LV41-50.
Laser cannons Phantasm Prism PP cost reduced.
Mayalee Prism PP cost reduced.
Twin handguns Twin Penetration PP cost reduced. At LV41-50, range is decreased, but power is increased.
Twin Mayalee PP cost reduced.
Handguns Mayalee Hit PP cost reduced.
Cards Kyumeisei-shiki PP cost reduced.
Machineguns Mayalee Fury PP cost reduced.
  • The following table explains the adjustments made to each TECHNIC listed.
Element TECHNIC name Adjustments
Fire Foie Status effect level increased. At LV41-50, can hit two adjacent targets.
Gifoie Power, status effect level and casting speed increased.
Ice Barta Status effect level increased.
Gibarta Power, status effect level and casting speed increased.
Lightning Zonde Status effect level increased.
Gizonde Power, status effect level and casting speed increased.
Ground Diga Status effect level increased. At LV41-50, can hit two adjacent targets.
Radiga Poison status effect added.
Gidiga Power and casting speed increased. Silence status effect added.
Light Regrant Damage reflection has been decreased.

GUARDIANS advanced style

GUARDIANS advanced style (GAS) allows players who have reached the level cap to further customize their characters. Once the level cap has been reached, all excess EXP earned from defeating enemies is converted into advanced EXP (AEXP). For every 500,000 AEXP earned, you will gain advanced points (AP) which are essential to the customization process. Aside from being at the server's current level cap, AEXP can also be earned by playing GUARDIANS advanced missions.

There are two customization options available to players: type customization and style customization. Both options can be accessed from the Resident Security Department on the 3rd floor of Clyez City.

Type customization

Type customization allows players to customize their Guardian type to meet their own specific needs. Types can be customized to further excel in specific fields. For example, a Fortefighter can become a specialist in the use of axes, or a Fortetecher can learn to excel at the use of recovery and support TECHNICs. All Guardian types can be customized except for the three basic types, Hunter, Ranger and Force.

Type customization is carried out by exchanging AP for special enhancement options. Make sure to choose your customizations wisely, as AP cannot be refunded after it has been used. Each ability has its own level which will increase as AP is spent on it. Customization includes abilities such as (but not limited to) increased base stats, increased photon art levels (for weapons of your type's forte), TECHNIC strengthening, etc. For full details on what options will be available, please see this article.

The number of customization options varies between races. Therefore, even if more than enough AP has been accumulated to pay for certain abilities, you will not be able to learn a new ability if your character has reached their racial limit. Furthermore, the customization options available depend on your Guardian type. Certain options can be obtained and used by select types. Also, any customizations you acquire as one Guardian type will not carry over to another if you decide to change type. Instead, they must be repurchased as your new type. However, all customizations are saved, so if you change back to a type that has been customized, those modifications will remain intact.

Style customization

Style customization allows players to exchange AP to customize specific features of their characters in three categories: weapon style, shield style and extra style. Unlike type customization, there is no limit to the number of style customizations a character can have. However, only one of each category may be used at a time. Whenever you wish to change one of your styles, simply return to the GUARDIANS advanced style mission to make your modifications. If you are changing to a previously acquired style, you can make the change without having to spend any extra AP. For full details on what style options will be available, please see this article.

Your room functions

The following new functions will be added to your room.

  • An item replenishment feature will be added to your shop, allowing you to easily add new stock to items which can be stacked.
  • The common box capacity will be increased to 100 items (from the original limit of 32 items).
  • You will be able to have multiple stacks of identical items in your common box.
  • The item delivery function available at certain NPC vendors will be replaced with the ability to access your common box from the vendor.
  • A function will be added to the vision phone which will allow you to transfer to the room of any other character on your account. This function will also allow you to transfer to the room of anyone whose partner card you own, whether you use the vision phone in yours or someone else's room.

Interface functions

The following interface functions will be added.

  • A feature will be added so that players can lock certain items to prevent the accidental sale of it to an NPC vendor. Items which have been locked will appear in light blue[1] text. Furthermore, locked items cannot be dropped, and in the case of item exchanges, cannot be traded.
  • The current list of selectable online status indicators will be removed and replaced with the ability to type in your own text for your status.
  • Online status will now be shown over your character's head along with your name.
  • Your current online status will show up on your partner card when someone views it in their list.
  • New chat commands will be added, such as those that will allow players to change line shields on the fly.
  • The ability to quickly scroll through long inventory item lists will be added.
  • A text input history (like what currently is available with chat) will be added to the online status, party name, party comment and conditional search fields.

GUARDIANS advanced missions

  • GUARDIANS advanced missions (abbreviated GAMs, also known as conditional missions) are special missions which are based around various conditions and restrictions being placed on the party. These conditions include the following:
    • Level cap restrictions
    • Weapon category restrictions
    • Item usage restrictions
    • Slot/unit restrictions
    • TECHNIC restrictions
    • SUV weapon/nanoblast restrictions
  • For example, if a mission is restricted to LV20, all party members must be at least LV20 to enter. Upon entering, anyone who is above LV20 will be reduced to LV20 for the duration of the mission.
  • AEXP is earned in level restricted missions as opposed to normal EXP.
  • Restrictions will change between each mission.
  • When a GAM is cleared, players will earn advanced mission points (AMP) instead of normal mission points.
  • When you reach a predetermined amount of AMP, your rank (known as a "stage") will increase.
  • In GAMs, if all party members are not at or above a certain stage, certain missions cannot be accepted.
  • As you reach higher stages, mission difficulty and restrictions become more strict.
  • You can exchange AMP for items, however doing this can decrease your stage if you fall under a certain amount of AMP.
  • There is a limit to the amount of AMP you can acquire.

Japanese PC/PS2 exclusive features

The following features are exclusive to the Japanese PC/PS2 version of Ambition of the Illuminus, and will not be released in the Xbox 360 version.

Your room functions

  • Entrance 1 and Entrance 2 characters on the same account will be able to interact with each others' rooms, thus enabling item transfer between the two Entrances. When cross-Entrance characters are in each others' rooms, partner machine storage can be accessed, however common box storage remains separate between them.
  • A function will be added to the vision phone which will allow you to transfer to the room of a different character on the same account, regardless of which Entrance they are on.

Interface functions

  • The ability to take screenshots without various parts of the HUD appearing, such as player status indicators, will be added. This is achieved by pressing shift and print screen simultaneously. (Applies only to PC players.)

New billing system options

In addition to the GUARDIANS License, GUARDIANS Cash[2] will be available for purchase at the billing site. When purchased, this currency gives players access to optional in-game content such as exclusive missions, guaranteed weapon grinding, the ability to change the element of weapons and line shields, the ability to increase the elemental attribute of weapons and line shields, and more. GUARDIANS Cash can be bought in bulk and saved for later use.

  • Exclusive missions will require payment each time they're played. Furthermore, an option will be presented for the party leader to cover the cost of the mission for all party members or for the cost to be divided equally among all party members.
  • Unlike the normal grinding system, the optional pay-to-upgrade system will never fail. However, a weapon can only be upgraded through this method up to 8/10. The final two grinds must be done the normal way.
  • A cap of 40% has been established for upgrading the elemental attribute of weapons and line shields.

Community course

Community course is a new feature which will let previously registered players who have let their GUARDIANS License expire continue to play the game free-of-charge. No special actions are necessary to convert an account to community course. Once a GUARDIANS License has expired and a player tries to log in, they will log in as a community course player. Of course, when playing on community course, various restrictions will be in place to limit the capabilities of the player. These include:

  • You cannot enter your room.
  • You will only be able to use the universes specified for community course players.
  • Restrictions are placed on which missions you can play.
  • You cannot trade items with other players.
  • You cannot pick up items dropped by other players.
  • You cannot use your common box.
  • You cannot collect or use Vol Coins.
  • You cannot use GUARDIANS Cash.
  • You cannot collect AEXP or use style and type customizations.
  • If your character is over a certain level, you will not earn any EXP.
  • If your character is over a certain Guardian type level, you will not earn any MP.
  • If your photon arts are over a certain level, you will not earn any EXP for using them.

When logged in under community course, a special icon will appear next to your name.

Concerning PS2 users

All PS2 users will have access to the system file upgrades offered by this update, but they will not receive visual upgrades for new items. However, new items will be available to PS2 users. These items will simply use existing in-game visuals, though the names, descriptions and stats will be unique. Aside from this, the only other features that will not be available to PS2 users are the screenshot and text input history functions.

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Reference notes

  1. In the Japanese PC/PS2 version, locked item text appeared in purple, however it was changed to light blue in a later update.
  2. "GUARDIANS Cash" originally was known as "PSU Tickets."