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GUARDIANS advanced missions

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GUARDIANS advanced missions (GAMs) are a unique set of challenging missions all accessed from the Resident Security Department on the 3rd floor of Clyez City. Excellent teamwork is vital in these missions, as each one has a set of restrictions in place which will limit the abilities of all players. For example, certain weapon or unit categories may not be allowed, or the use of support TECHNICs may be banned. Also, player levels are reduced to predetermined caps (all party members must be at least at that cap in order to play a GAM), though type and photon art levels are retained. Due to this, it is suggested that all players keep some low-grade equipment on-hand for use in these missions. Furthermore, party member incapacitation plays a role in determining the final grade of a completed mission. Even if a player has a Scape Doll or is revived by another player following incapacitation, the death will count against the party. The following chart details the number of deaths allowed to stay within range of each grade.

Grade Incap. range
S 0-4 deaths
A 5-7 deaths
B 8-10 deaths
C 11+ deaths

While playing GUARDIANS advanced missions, you will earn advanced experience points (AEXP) from defeating enemies and advanced mission points (AMP) from clearing the missions. As AEXP accumulates and reaches predetermined milestones, your advanced point (AP) level will increase. AP can then be used in the mission GAS to go toward various type and style customizations. AMP, on the other hand, can be used in the item exchange mission RSD: Trading Station to trade for numerous items such as synthesis materials, clothing, parts and units.

GUARDIANS advanced missions are divided into different tiers based on your current "stage." Your stage is determined by the amount of AMP you possess. This designation (first, second, third, etc.) will grant you access to different GAMs. For example, while a first stage player can access only first stage missions, a second stage player will have access to both first and second stage missions. However, if your current stage is above the minimum requirement to enter a mission, the final AMP payout will be slightly reduced for you. Also keep in mind that after reaching a higher stage, if enough AMP is used in the exchange mission to bring you below your current stage's threshold, you will level down. Reference the following chart for the current stage tiers based on AMP quantities.

Stage Req. AMP
First 0-499
Second 500-999
Third 1,000-3,000

There is one type of GAM which does not follow the normal stage rules. Known as extra stage missions, these GAMs do not require any AMP to access. Instead, they are accessed just like normal missions, with requirements based only on your current level. While these missions do give AMP for clearing them, they do not offer AEXP unless you are at the game's level cap. However, each mission does have its own unique set of restrictions, so be certain to familiarize yourself with those before you begin.

GAM stats

Due to the character and type level restrictions placed on you by certain GAMs, it is useful to know what stats you will be working with so you can better equip yourself before beginning a mission. The following articles detail the base stats of each type (with no GAS customizations) at the listed character level. Type levels are assumed LV20 unless noted otherwise.

GUARDIANS advanced missions

First stage

Second stage

Third stage

Extra stage