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Paradi Cataract

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Paradi Cataract in action.

SUV bombing system.
Calls in cover fire from an out-of-date military satellite. (level 20+)


Item details

  • This SUV weapon is based on the Divine Punishment special of the Phantasy Star Online weapons "Heaven Striker", "Heaven Punisher", and "Mille Marteaux".
  • This SUV likely derives its name from paradise, derived from the Greek paradeiso. Cataract, which can mean "waterfall" or "downpour," has roots in Latin and Greek (the latter of which literally means "I pour down").
  • Paradi Cataract initiates faster than all other current SUV weapons. It also returns control to the user faster.
  • Paradi Cataract strikes a large area with a 5 hit ice bombardment that performs heavy damage and leaves any targets still standing stuck in freeze LV5. The only exceptions being bosses and certain large enemies.
  • With the initial update of GUARDIANS Advanced Content, this SUV weapon's range and power were decreased, and its STA bonus was reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Required in the exchange for the following items at Clothes 'n' Parts [♀]:

Stats, drops and pricing

Unit stats
Extra units
Mfr. G.R.M. Sp.
Rarity 12★ End. 3
Ver. Ambition of the Illuminus
Drop information
Source Level Ver. Type
The Dark God clear box C-S3 Ambition of the Illuminus
Extra units
Program DF' clear box C-S3 Ambition of the Illuminus
Extra units
Pricing information
Buy price N/A
Sell price 20000
Shop location Not for sale

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