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Kubara (クバラ) is the fourth equipment "manufacturer" in Phantasy Star Universe. Unlike the other manufacturers, G.R.M., Yohmei and TENORA WORKS, Kubara is not a single organization. According to the glossary found in vision phones, the name is used to refer to all the products produced by small businesses, or illegal/black market manufacturers. The name itself is taken from Kubara City on Moatoob, where many junk shops are located.

Kubara weapons and armor are more diverse than the products of the three organized manufacturers, but there are two trends: illegal copies of products made by the "big three," and original products that require enemy parts for production. The black market items are always named after an official product, but the name will end with the letter "c" (such as Rifle and Riflic, or Machinegun and Machineguc), the weapon will have a black handle, have little-to-none of the special effects (if the original weapon has any), and the item description will end with a quantifying word, such as "maybe", "allegedly" or "possibly".

What they produce

Whereas the main three manufacturers produce 'sets' of items (i.e. Sabers from 1* to 6*), Kubara's products seem to be distributed fairly randomly. Kubara items are linked to the wood "Kubara Wood".

Product Stats

Due to the diverse nature of manufacturers behind the Kubara "product line," there is no overreaching trend in the stats of their products, although they tend to benefit more from being ground than other weapons. Note that Kubara weapons have been thought to be harder to grind than other brands of weapons.