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Obligatory 'What did this guy have to do with PSUPedia again?' part

My US PC/PS2 main (drawing on courtesy of Neobunny)

Hi, thought I should write a profile thingie by now, even though it's already quite late. I've been reading all user profiles on the wiki a bit earlier, and quite a few of them I thought were pretty cool. Too bad I didn't get to know half of you before quitting myself. Anyway, my history with the PS series only started in 2004 with PSO NGC, and out of boredom, escapism, frustration with other sites and for the general challenge did some PSO shit noone cares about.

I was able to make a couple of great friends with whom I thought it was really fun to work, and due to my motivation I started working on some new specialized PSU wiki someone else just made at the time of the original Japanese closed beta period.

However, after the game finally came out I chose to prioritize school instead, because education is important. So I quit the game after a few days, only to restart for short periods on the US servers during 2006 christmas break, 360 a few months later, the Illuminus beta whenever it was, and finally the JP servers again for AoI (yeah, unlocalized spelling) during 2007 christmas break.

I won't even bother posting much about PSU characters, because on most consoles I didn't get to raising more than one. So most of these got the same name as well; secondary characters (in planning) often would have had obscure names consisting of linguistic jokes in moonspeak (or Dutch for that matter) that after bored hours (read: classes) of puzzling seemed brilliant to me. Yeah. Whatever. So no more that.

But in my absence, the only other original contributor was still around, and I was able to entrust the rest of the staff work to a few of the most awesome people I could find that didn't already feel tied to some other fan project (because obviously different websites are like competing factions and you have to choose one or something). And they made it way way better than the compilation of crap and pre-release Japanese older brother translations it used to be.

I'd still wanna include shout-outs to lots of people that made my time on PSO/PSU, the forums and the wiki more enjoyable, but quite a few people I associated with separately did not get along with each other at all, so I got more dodgy about that. Anyway, you know who you are.

So, about the 'me' me

lolhi (I'm the big one)

As a person I have more of a personality though. In fact, I've been known for being blunt, although that's really just because I think it's funny as long as the situation allows it. I'm pretty cynical too. Sometimes a tad unsociable, sometimes pretty out there. I can be funny too. Not now though. XP

Oh, I'm not a native English speaker, but in text I can make it quite a bit less obvious (not that English and Dutch were all that different anyway). After a few years of studying Japanese I can read that too, but still can't chat in it for shit due to a lack of practice. This doesn't mean I'm some freaky wappy basement-dweller though -- just so you don't get any ideas. I tried studying Technical Informatics for a year before this too, but thought it was too boring to waste any more time on.

So, the top-right drawing was partly modelled after Yagami Light. Why? 'Cause the awesome part of his character design is the arrogance allowing him to without a doubt be determined to place his own ethical judgements above that of existing law and order, which I like. As such, it shouldn't be surprising the idea of enforcing political correctness disgusts me.

.. So what if it wasn't drawn, wasn't influenced by some other fictional character, and wasn't limited by PSU's character creation options? .. Aw, I'll admit it, maybe it's just a bad excuse for cam-whoring (or at least one of the least unacceptable ones I could find :<). So! Direct your view to that one other pic (although any non-autistic person would have already). 'K, so that's done.

Other obligatory profile stuff I should include? Hobbies? I wouldn't even know myself. Frankly, I find few activities all that interesting for longer periods in themselves -- just being with other nice people even to just chat is pretty cool though. Unfortunately I do still waste considerable amounts of time on gaming, even if a lot of it is kinda mediocre.

What other games, you ask? Ones I particularly enjoyed (no particular order) include the Phoenix Wright series (OBJECTION!), Smash (FALCON PUNCH!), Pokemon (Mudkips), Pop'n Music (cute and fun music game), Heroes of Might & Magic (turn-based strategy in Western fantasy style), FF VIII ('get' it or fail miserably), Mario RPG/Paper series (1-digit damage :>) and some other canonical Nintendo crap.

Want more? Come and get it.

Msn.gif tychogrouwstra (AT) hotmail DO.T com
Facebook.gif Tycho Grouwstra
World.gif Dutch
Age.gif 11-01-1987
Wii.gif 0756-2587-6101-8990
Smash.gif 4940-4646-0958
Pokemon.jpg 0129-7902-7509
Psulogo.png Tycho
Profile not short and witty enough?

Well, screw you. :<

Wanted to know how to pronounce my name?

It's not like RC. Nor anything like that actually. I had an mp3 up at one point, but that's just boring. Try tiχo instead. If it sounds like you're suffocating, you're doing it right. If not, you're doing it wrong.