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sunglasses are great.


Name: Michael O'connell Davidson
Gender: Male
Age: 16


i felt the need to edit this, as it's been, what, 2 years? PEOPLE FROM REAL LIFE WHO GOOGLED MY NAME, BEWARE! I'm actually kind of proud of my nerdy background :)


I'm Mike OCD (people gave me that name as the double barrelled thing is too much to handle.). I made this thing as sort of an idea a couple of years ago with help from Tycho. Truth is, i'm not even really sure when; i was...pretty young, though. I did a horrible job on maintaining the thing but few 13-14 year olds could've done even that, so, hey, what the hell? A lot's changed; i'm not too interested in this sort of stuff (i never even played PSU in english; go figure) and i don't really remember much of what went on in that game. i picked up the 360 version in a bargain bin, played it for 10 minutes and then took it back, so i was arguably not the first suspect to make a fansite. Tycho relocated it after i started being a bastard and just messing it up. My edit history (if it still exists) is hilariously bad, if you feel like a laugh, i guess.


  • I've left school
  • I'm taking chemistry, physics, psychology and music for A-level. Clevarrrr.
  • I (arguably) am a hell of a lot less nerdy.
  • I managed to get crowned funniest in my year in the whole pretentious vote thing, and also got nominated for world domination; i'd be terrible at it though, i'd replace all governments with pictures of dogs and make it illegal to listen to slayer
  • I don't really speak to anyone from that old IRC channel anymore except ant and internets; it's difficult to sustain any relationship via text only!
  • I'm a performing stand up comic and auditioned for a band as the singer and passed the other week, so my hobbies have changed hardcore.


  • as much as i thought so, i was not cool.
  • i was a bit weird even by internet standards.
  • i had many, many, many, domestic problems, and it showed, so i pretty much apologise to anyone who thinks they deserve one


I doubt i'll ever edit this again; you're welcome to add me on msn for a chat at mike@raretheftauto.com. It's odd this - it's like going back in time. I'm gay.