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Ambition of the Illuminus

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About Ambition of the Illuminus

Ambition of the Illuminus

Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus is the first expansion to SonicTeam's 2006 multi-player online RPG Phantasy Star Universe.

Release information

The PC and PlayStation 2 versions of Ambition of the Illuminus were released in Japan on September 27, 2007. The Xbox 360 version was released worldwide on November 20, 2007, along with the North American PC/PS2 version on the same day. The European PC/PS2 released followed up a few months later on January 25, 2008.

The PC and PlayStation 2 editions of Ambition of the Illuminus were released on disc for sale in retail outlets just as the original game was, with a MSRP of $39.95. The Xbox 360 version, however was released only on Xbox Live as downloadable content, at a cost of 1600 Microsoft points. It has since been reduced in price to 800 Microsoft Points as of November 13th, 2008.

Network trial information

Japanese PC and PS2 users were able to participate in a free trial of Ambition of the Illuminus this Spring (PS2 users were required to log in to their accounts on a PC with PSU installed in order to play the trial). According to SonicTeam, the purpose behind this trial was to test connection and network stability as well as try out new in-game features. This trial ran from April 05 until April 26.

Participants in the trial were able to either start a brand new character or carry over their current character from PSU. If a participant decided to carry over their current character, a copy of their character data was made to the servers specifically set up for the trial of Illuminus while the original character data remained on the main game servers. The reason for this was that no information, stats or items from the network trial would carry over to the original game. Following the close of the trial, all character data on the trial servers was wiped. At this point, anyone who decided to carry over their character data has returned to the original game where they left off.

New weapon categories

Four new weapon categories have been revealed for this expansion, bringing the total up to an impressive 27 categories.


Whips (ウィップ) are right-handed striking weapons capable of attacking multiple targets around the wielder. They are not known for having high attack power, however they do excel at inflicting status effects.


Slicers (スライサー) are right-handed striking weapons capable of releasing blades of photon energy which home in on their target.


Madoogs (マドゥーグ) are left-handed TECHNIC-casting weapons. Despite greatly resembling MAGs from Phantasy Star Online, they should not be confused with PSO's support partner. Compared to wands, madoogs have lower TP with higher PP stats, while possessing a slightly faster casting speed.


Shadoogs (シャドゥーグ) or RCSM's are left-handed ranged weapons that automatically fire at enemies within range. All Shadoogs come with an elemental attribute tied to them, so it is not possible to link a photon art to the weapon. The element of a Shadoog determines which status effect it can inflict on the enemies it shoots.

The GRM shadoogs, do the normal status effects of : Fire Burn Ice Freeze Lightning Shock Ground Posion / 10★+ Stun Light Sleep Dark Confusion

While Promote and Kubara one's do: Fire ATP Down Ice DPF Down Lightning ATA & EVP Down Ground Poison Light Sleep Dark Confusion

New weapons

A plethora of new weapons of all sorts become available in Ambition of the Illuminus, only a handful of which are currently known. To view the new weapons, visit the appropriate weapon page for the item class.

New types

Two new types have been added to Ambition of the Illuminus: Acrofighter and Acrotecher. More agile than any other type, the Acro-types specialize in naturally quick movements when using their respective type of photon art. (Acrofighters exhibit faster skill movements while Acrotechers cast TECHNICs faster than any other type.) Aside from the addition of these two types, the photon art caps have been raised for everyone and TECHNICs have been split into attack and support categories. Now all photon arts cap off at 40. (During the Illuminus trial, Acrotechers were able to level support TECHNICs to 50, however this has since been reduced to 40.)

Additionally, Acrofighters are able to use Burn, Poison, and Virus traps, while Acrotechers are able to use all other trap types (Confuse, etc.). However, both types are able to use only regular and G trap varieties.

  Type Name Req. Type Lv. Photon Art Caps
HU RA FO Skills Bullets Attack
Hunter N/A 20 10 - -
Ranger 10 20 - -
Force 1 10 20 20
Fighgunner 5 3 - 40 30 - -
Guntecher - 5 3 10 40 20 30
Wartecher 3 - 5 30 20 30 20
Fortefighter 10 - - 40 20 - -
Fortegunner - 10 - 20 40 - -
Fortetecher - - 10 10 30 40 30
Protranser 5 5 5 30 40 - -
Acrofighter 3 5 - 40 30 - -
Acrotecher - 3 5 20 20 30 40

Some of the original types can use weapons from the four new categories mentioned above. Furthermore, Guntechers, Wartechers and Protransers have become more proficient with certain weapons. Any changes made from the original type limits are marked in this table with an asterisk.

Weapons Guardian types
Type Weapon category HU RA FO FI GT WT FF FG FT PT AF AT
Striking Swords B - - A - A* S - - S* - -
Knuckles B - - A - S* S - - S* A -
Spears B C C A - A S A A S* - -
Double sabers - - - S - - - - - - - -
Axes - - - - - - S - - S* - -
Twin sabers B - - S - A S* - - - A -
Twin daggers B - B* S - S A - A - A A
Twin claws - - - A - S* S - - - A -
Sabers B B* B* S A A S* A A S* S S
Daggers B C B* S A S A A A - S S
Claws B* - - A - A S - - - S -
Whips - - - - - A* - - A* - - S*
Slicers - - - A* - - A* - - - S* -
Ranged Rifles - B - - A - - S - - - -
Shotguns - B - - A - - S - S* - -
Longbows - - B - S* A - - S S* - -
Grenades - B* - - - - - S - S* - -
Laser cannons - - - - A - - S - S* - -
Twin handguns - B - A S - - A - - A A
Handguns B* B B* A S A A S A S* S S
Crossbows - - - A S - - A - - - -
Cards - - - - A A - - S - A S
Machineguns C* B C* A S - - A - - - A
RCSMs B* B* B* A* S* A* - A* - - S* A*
TECHNIC Rods - - B - - - - - S - - -
Wands - - B - A S* - - S - - S
TCSMs - - B* - A* A* - - A* - - S*

New lobbies

Three new lobby areas have been revealed; one for each planet. Parum features the beach-front city of Paracabana, Neudaiz has a Gurhalistic shrine on Mt. Ohtoku and Moatoob has a Rappy-themed casino known as Casino Voloyal. Aside from these main lobbies, there are a number of smaller mid-point lobbies which can be accessed in between different missions. A few of these include a small village encircled by a bamboo forest as well as a gravesite that greatly resembles the garden players entered in PSO before confronting Dark Falz.

New fields

Multiple new fields have been revealed for Ambition of the Illuminus. Even though they were not all accessible in the trial version of the game, field names have been discovered at various mission counters across Gurhal.

Old Rozenom City (旧ローゼノム・シティ)

The ruined city of Rozenom lies to the southeast of Paracabana Beach on Parum. Details on exactly what caused the downfall of this once bustling city are currently unknown.

AMF Headquarters (同盟軍中央司令部)

This is the headquarters of the AMF, located in Holtes City. A reskin of HIVE.

Military Metrolinear (軍用メトロリニア)

This area is said to be populated by infected AMF CASTs. A reskin of Linear Line

Saguraki Conservation District (サグラキ保護区)

A beautiful mountain trail on Neudaiz lined with blooming cherry trees. A reskin of Mizuraki CD.

Pavilion of Air (昇空殿)

This is the Ohtoku City headquarters of the Communion of Gurhal. A reskin of Hakura Temple.

Habirao Forbidden District (ハビラオ禁止区)

A mysterious forest filled with over-sized mushrooms. The air is teeming with incredibly high concentrations of photon energy.

Granigs Mine (グラニグス鉱山)

The icy caverns of Granigs Mine stretch out beneath Moatoob's Vio Tonga. A reskin of Galenigare Mine.

Il Cabo Base (イル・カーボ基地)

This is one of the AMF's bases located on Moatoob.

Forest (森林)

Players from Phantasy Star Online will recognize this area as Ragol's Lupus Silva, otherwise known as Forest 1.

Cave (洞窟)

Fans of Phantasy Star Online should recognize this area.

Mine (坑道)

It's No Man's Mines from Phantasy Star Online.

Ruins (?)

The ancient spaceship where Dark Falz was sealed in Phantasy Star Online makes a return.

New Photon Arts

New photon arts will be added not only for the new weapons, but also for existing types. Here are the new photon arts that have been revealed so far.

JP Name EN Name Rarity Weapon Description
チュウエイジトツシン (Chuuei Jitotsu-shin) 10★ Twin Claw --
クロスハリケーン (Cross Hurricane) 10★ Twin Saber --
ヴィッシ·グルッダ (Visshi Grudda) 1★ Photon Whip --
チッキョレンジン (Chikki Kyoren-jin) 1★ Slicer --
レンガチュウジンショウ (Renga Chuujin-shou) 10★ Twin Dagger --
-- (Ikk Hick) 10★ Knuckles --
-- (Absolute Dance) 10★ Double saber --
-- (Vivi Danga)  ?★ Photon Whip --
-- (Choutou Kantsuu-jin)  ?★ Slicer --
-- (Bukuu Saien-zan)  ?★ Claw

New SUV-weapons

CASTs will have access to multiple new SUV-weapons. Here at the ones that have been revealed so far.

JP Name EN Name Description
ギガス・エスパダ Gigas Espada Summons an enormous sword.
パラディ・カタラクト Paradis Cataracte A rain of death.
ギガス・ファウスト Gigas Faust Summons a mechanical fist.
ラピア・フリューゲ Lapia Fluge Cures, heals and revives all allies within its range.
-- Ascension Gift Drops a random object on enemies.

New room goods and remodeling tickets

As opposed to the original game's strict layout for room decorations, Ambition of the Illuminus allows for much more freedom in where you can place trophies and items in your room. And to go along with all of the new items you can decorate your room with, there are a number of new remodeling tickets allowing for an even more unique style.

JP Name EN Name Rarity Description
ナチュラル・マット Natural Matte 10★ ""One with nature" lets you enjoy the gennery and the scent of natural wood."
レッド・コート Red Court 8★ ""Don't give up!" provides a bench you can sit on to take a breather."
ハッピー・スコア Happy Score 12★ ""Beautiful melodies" is perfect for making music. Show your talents!"
オールド・フューチャー Old Future 6★ ""Future with flavor" gives you the new mixed in with the old."
Other Future 6★ ""A happy future" makes your room upbeat and filled with fun."
オリエント・ホワイト Eastern White 7★ "A crisp, pure space" gives you a clean room with softly babbling water."
Eastern Black 7★ "Strength amidst silence" gives you a darker yet elegant and refined feel."
Private Bar 9★ ""Quiet sophistication" recreates the elegant atmosphere of a private club."
Private Café 12★ --
Showtime 12★ ""New challengers" sets up your room for events and spectators."
Gothic Pink 8★ "Pink and charming" overpowers you with its frilliness and pinkness."
Chocolate House 10★ --
Cream House 10★ --

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