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  • It seem that GRM 's spear is a lot better than others ?
    So, there are some type of weapon that one company is superior than others?
  • Not really, no. GRM weapons tend to be 'all-around' weapons. Youmei weapons have less ATP and ATA, but have the highest PP. Tenora Works weapons have high ATP and ATA, but the lowest PP. Based off the limited data we have, no weapon manufacturer is 'superior' to another, they just specialize in different stats. Mewn 06:59, 25 August 2006 (PDT)
  • Tycho: Kubara. *runs*
  • We don't even know anything about what their weapons are like XP Mewn 12:42, 25 August 2006 (PDT)
  • But , as I see the table of SPEAR weapon in this page, The youmei 's spear have both lower in ATA and ATP than GRM 's. Moreover, the different between PP is just a little. *;(here:http://www.psupedia.org/index.php?title=Spears). As from this table which come from PSUbeta it significently show that GRM is better in spear than Youmei.
    So, that is why I think there will be other type of weapon which youmei better. what do you think?
  • The difference between PP on even the basic 1* Spears is 30, and that's without grinding (if grinding adds more PP to a Youmei weapon than a GRM weapon). The difference in stats between the Youmei and GRM is more pronounced as you look at weapons with more Stars. Even 30 PP is enough for an extra Duus Duggers, and leaves 12 extra PP towards a second Duus Duggers attack. In the end which you think is better depends on whether you go for brute force over the ability to squeeze out an extra Photon Art attack. It's near impossible to make an even remotely objective analysis of PP vs ATP/ATA without having access to all of the game and the weapons though. Mewn 08:46, 26 August 2006 (PDT)
  • Tycho: I think they had Confusion or some similar Status Effect as an additional bonus. We'll probably find out the details about stuff like that in the future.
  • So,yeah I do agree that before expore the real game ,we can't compare too much in the status.
    However,in Beta,if you compare spear with another 2-Hand weapon it really show the difference that youmei is worse than GRM in spear
    • twin saber lv1: GRM has lower 54 PP and 5 ATA , but only more 8 ATP
    • spear lv1: GRM has lower 30 PP only, but more 7 ATP and 4 ATA
    Compare between 2 weapon,the spear gain more only 1 ATP but -24 more PP and -12 more ATA!
    if compare withother weapon is still show the same as twin saber GRM usually lower both ATA,PP and gain ATP a little.
  • Tycho: We'll get to it. I understand we don't have all cases covered yet at this point, but on the other hand, we still don't really have a lot of information about these additional effects to work with. x_x Expect that to change after the release.
  • Shouldn't it be time to start adding in pictures? Just wondering, as the stats fill up, it means someone has the weapon to see the stats, so how about a pic or two?
  • this page covers most of the generic weapons; not many rares released. - Tycho