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Simple Mail

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Simple Mail is an ingame communication system designed to help players who are not in the same area to communicate. It performs a function similar to an IM program such as AIM or ICQ for use within the game.

The Simple mail menu can be accessed through "Community" from the main menu. You can also type /mail to bring yourself quickly to the mail menu. Previous received mails are stored in the inbox, as well as the player's replies.

Upon receiving a Simple Mail, the player is alerted by a sound and an envelope icon appears in the Verification Icon area of the status display. The player may then read and reply to the mail.

To create a mail, first type the message you wish to send, and then decide to whom the Simple Mail will be sent from the Partner Card list or target (you can select multiple recipients for one message). You can also choose to reply to mesages you have received, with or without quoting the received message.

  • Simple Mails, as the name suggests, are limited in size to about 4 lines of characters.
  • They are private messages and can only be read by the recipient.
  • You can only send Simple Mail to players next to you (in a lobby or a player's room) or to those for whom you possess a Partner card.
  • Mail sent to an account that is not logged in are available the next time that person logs in.
  • Messages are only saved for the duration of the session. However, all mail both sent and received is stored in a mail log file (PC only).


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