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Partner cards

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A Partner Card contains information about the owner of that card. The Partner Card list functions as a type of Friends List in PSU. Players can exchange Partner Cards if they've enjoyed playing with each other and this enables them to check on each other's online status, invite each other to games, and send simple mail.

Partner Card Features

  • By selecting a card and hitting the "OK" button, you can check the player's detailed status, including the current online character (including name, level, race, gender, type (and type level)) and the current online character's location can be viewed. If the character is in a party it will tell you where you can go to join the party if they are in a mission, as well as the party's name. An example:
Holtes City: East
Running to the Base
  • You can assign a priority value between 1 and 5 to each card, and your partner card list will be sorted in the order of Priority 1 Contacts first to Priority 5 Contacts last.
  • There is space for two comments on each player's partner card. On the "front" comment space, you can view the comment written on the owner's Partner Card. On the "back" comment panel you can view the comment you have written on the card by selecting their card, then selecting "Write Comment".
  • If someone on your Partner Card list is harassing, annoying or otherwise bothering you, it is possible for you to add them to your personal Blacklist by using their Partner Card.
  • The maximum number of partner cards allowed is 6 pages of cards, with one name per account on that list. If you have the maximum number of partner cards and someone tries to give you their partner card, you will keep getting the question of accepting the partner card (regardless if you reply 'yes'), until you free a space and then accept the player's card. The card will pop up every time an area loads, unless you move to another universe.


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