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Version Phantasy Star Universe
Enemy type Native creature (Parum)
Enemy size Large
Classification Normal enemy
Elements Lightning
Huge, durable, powerful cattle found in Parum. However, they are very slow. To knock these creatures down, try attacking them with a PA from the side.


They can strike at you, rear up and body slam the ground, and cast Deband to improve their already high defense.


Stat modifiers Boosts
HP 350% ATP 150% ATA 100% Crown.gif --
TP 150% DFP 80% EVP 80% Sword.gif --
MST 150% STA 130% EXP 400% Shield.gif --
Status effect susceptibility
Burn Freeze Shock Silence Confusion Infection Poison Stun Sleep Incapacitation ATP down DFP down ATA down
- - - -
Half damage

Item drops

LV Phantasy Star Universe Ambition of the Illuminus
Drop items Missions Drop items Missions
1-9 Wand Desert's End 1 C, Desert's End 2 C Wand --
10-19 Staff Sleeping Warriors C, The Mad Beasts C, Lab Recovery C,
The Dual Sentinel C, Crimson Beast C, Desert's End 1 B,
Desert's End 2 B
Staff The Egg Thieves C
20-29 Baton The Dual Sentinel B, Duel in the Ruins C Baton (RELICS Preservation) C
30-39 Scepter Sleeping Warriors B, The Mad Beasts B, Lab Recovery B,
Crimson Beast B, Duel in the Ruins B, Desert's End 1 A,
Desert's End 2 A
Scepter New Challengers C
40-49 Cane Sleeping Warriors A, The Mad Beasts A, Lab Recovery A,
The Dual Sentinel A, Crimson Beast A
Cane The Egg Thieves B, (RELICS Preservation) B
50-59 Crozier Duel in the Ruins A Crozier --
60-69 Laser Cannon Sleeping Warriors S, Lab Recovery S Laser Cannon (RELICS Preservation) A
70-79 Maser Cannon Crimson Beast S Maser Cannon --
80-99 Thunder Cannon Lab Recovery S2, The Dual Sentinel S, Crimson Beast S2,
Duel in the Ruins S, The Mad Beasts S
Thunder Cannon The Egg Thieves A, New Challengers B
100-124 [B] Meteor Cannon Sleeping Warriors S2, The Mad Beasts S2, The Dual Sentinel S2,
Duel in the Ruins S2
[B] Meteor Cannon New Challengers A, (World of Illusion/R)
125-149 -- -- [B] Meteor Cannon The Egg Thieves S, The Dual Sentinel S3, Duel in the Ruins S3
150-174 -- -- Crea Saber+ The Egg Thieves S2, New Challengers S
175-189 -- -- [B] Crea Saber+ --
190-199 -- -- Baranz Launcher --
200 -- --  ? --
-- All missions listed above. -- All missions listed above.

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