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Mirei Mikuna (offline)

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Mirei Mikuna


Name Mirei Mikuna Affiliation Communion of Gurhal
Gender Female Race Newman
Age 17 Height 165cm
JP Voice Fumiko Orikasa
(折笠 富美子)
EN Voice Giovannie Pico


The Divine Maiden, symbol of the Communion of Gurhal. Kind and compassionate, her grace and beauty offer spiritual support to the followers of the Gurhal Faith. She first encounters Ethan en route to the Tripartite Treaty Centennial Celebration.

Episode 1

Mirei Mikuna is first seen early on in Chapter 1, celebrating and dancing on stage at the Alliance Military Force tripartite treaty 100th anniversary. She quickly leaves when the SEED attack the fleet, and is not seen for a few chapters; she then reappears in Chapter 5, just surviving a flyer crash (there is a wreck and an injured Communion of Gurhal employee near where you find her). When you find her, she is fighting off three Tengohgs on a
Mirei, center stage at the ceremony
plateau; it seems she either left the wreck uninjured or was abandoned there at word of her father. After the Onmagoug fight she thanks Ethan and Hyuga for saving her, and looks over Karen before fainting and being scooped up by Izuma and a few more Communion of Gurhal workers. She later appears in chapter 7, posing as Karen in an attempt to foil whatever her cohorts are planning against her; she leads Ethan and allies to the Hakura Temple, finding the computer system and also proof of what is going on. Upon leaving, the group are encountered by two Communion guards, at which point she turns back into Mirei; this doesn't faze them, and they attack the group. After being defeated, the group presses in lower, still being attacked by Communion guards. Eventually, they reach the main hall, where they see Dohgi preparing to kill Karen to finish what he started - Mirei, however, intervenes, and is knocked back by her father and killed in the process. After the fight, she shares some dying words with Karen (telling her to be happy and believe they're always together), and passes away.

Episode 2

Random facts

  • Profession: Maiden of the Phantasmal Vision (Divine Maiden in the english version), public speaker, dancer, princess, public spearhead for the Communion of Gurhal
  • In the artbook, the celebration stage Mirei has a different hairstyle and set of clothes (though it's hard to tell; she's quite far away, but they look different.)
  • Her eye color is purple, which shows when she poses as Karen; however, people still think it's Karen in chapter 7.
  • Mirei possessed the greater part of the Neudaiz Communion family bloodline's power, which gave her quite a lot of power; Karen had little to none at all before Mirei died, which was the reason she couldn't cast TECHNICs, rather than simply not being able to due to the childhood trauma.

Partner character (offline)

Partner Card

Mirei Mikuna
Gender Female Race Newman
Type Force (1) Level -4
Card requirements
Card comment


Weapon Name Linked Comments Used during
Light Yohmei Hikauri Yousei-sou Level 11 to 20 Bullet Levels 1+
Neutral Yohmei Granarod
Noszonde Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Giresta Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Equipment Name Linked Comments Used during
Line shields
Fire G.R.M.  ?line Line shield - Levels 1+


For Karen Erra as Mirei Mikuna, see Mirei Mikuna (Karen Erra).

Voice Mirei Mikuna's Voice (Unique)
Lost  ?
Found  ?
Boost Stats  ?
Lower Stats  ?
Burn  ?
Freeze  ?
Shock  ?
Confuse  ?
Poison  ?
Silence  ?
Paralysis  ?
Low HP  ?