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This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature which is exclusive to the Japanese PC version of Phantasy Star Universe.

An upgrade unit for armor. A replica of a the "Makarukaheshi no Tama" jewel, a sacred treasure used in the ancient Doushin festival. Nullifies incapacitation.

Item details

  • Available exclusively on the Japanese PC servers.
  • The Japanese name of this unit is マカルカヘシ.
  • This unit is account-bound, so it cannot be dropped, traded or sold on the player market.
  • This references makarukaheshi no tama (死返玉), a jewel brought to Japan by the Korean prince Amenohiboko.
  • Has a set bonus with Ryukoh which grants the following stat bonuses:
    • Att. +250
    • Tech. +250
    • End. +5
  • Can be obtained by trading in the following items at Special Exchange 3:
  • Required in the exchange for the following items at the TENORA WORKS Shop location of Flagship R&D:

Item stats

Unit stats
Body units
Mfr. Yohmei Sp.
Elemental def. +12%
Rarity 15★ Def. 72
Eva. 116 Resist Incapacitation
Drop information
Source Level Ver. Type
No known drop sources.
Pricing information
Buy price N/A
Sell price 50000
Shop location Not for sale