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Box drops

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All manner of items can drop from boxes found throughout Gurhal, but the type of item you receive may depend partially on the type of box opened. This article will detail the variety of box drops that exist in Phantasy Star Universe.

Normal boxes

The most common type of box found scattered about Gurhal is described simply as a normal box. Generally speaking, these boxes will contain consumable items, room decorations and various photons, metals, wood and hard materials. In the case of photons and metals, the type found will depend on the area where they drop. Similarly, types of wood and hard materials depend upon the planet which they are found. These box drops are also known as area box drops.

Special boxes

Special boxes describe any box which cannot be reached by normal means. Generally speaking, this type requires the cooperation of multiple people to activate a set of floor switches to clear a path to the boxes. The contents of special boxes can range from rare gemstones and alloys to unique biomaterials and in the case of rare missions, special boxes are known to contain a variety of weapons. When special boxes are listed in mission drop charts, a note should be included to identify any specific requirements to reach them, such as the number of people needed to activate a set of switches.

Clear boxes

After a mission has been completed, either by defeating all of the enemies in the area or by taking down a major boss, often times a set of boxes will appear in the final room as a reward to the party. These are known as clear boxes. Aside from the common items you would find in a mission's normal boxes, these containers also have a chance of dropping various weapons, line shields, units and synthesis boards. Please note that the boxes which appear following the defeat of a major boss are identified in PSUPedia's drop charts by the name of the boss.