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Rare free missions

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Rare free missions are special missions that have a chance of appearing at random mission counters following the completion of another mission. Though difficult to find, the rewards of these missions make the search worth the effort.

Rare mission search tips

  • When searching for a rare mission, the number of players in your party no longer has an effect on the chances of a rare mission appearing. Whether you run a mission solo or with a full party, you will have the same odds of receiving a rare mission flag.
  • Run any mission, on any difficulty you please. The difficulty played will have no effect on your chances of finding a rare mission.
  • Any party member can receive a rare mission; it is no longer exclusive to the party leader. Furthermore, more than one player can receive a rare mission from the same run.
  • When a party member receives a rare mission flag, a light red notice will scroll up the right side of all party members' screens announcing which member(s) received the mission.
  • In order for a player to be eligible to receive a rare mission, they must be in the field before the mission is cleared. Furthermore, they must have been part of the party for at least 80% of the mission's total clear time.
  • When awarded a rare mission, you are not bound to the planet it appeared on. You can switch planets to choose from any of the available rare missions.
  • After receiving a rare mission flag, you can return to your room, change universes and even log off without losing the flag for that character. Furthermore, now it is possible to run other missions without losing the flag. The number of missions will not stack, however.
  • Rare missions can be accepted from any mission counter that has at least one other mission available, except for the following: GUARDIANS HQ (Clyez City: 5th Floor), Raffon Lakeshore to Underwater Plant, Underwater Plant to Raffon Meadow, Linear Line Platform (Holtes City: West District), AMF Headquarters (Holtes City: West District), Kego Clearing to Kugo Hot Springs, Shikon Tanze route to Agata Islands, Agata Islands: Egam to Agata RELICS, Old Hakura Temple to Kugo Hot Springs, and Underground Lake to W. Kugu: Field Base.