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AOTI update 2nd

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This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature which is exclusive to the Japanese PC version of Phantasy Star Universe.

AOTI update 2nd (「イルミナスの野望」アップデート2nd) is a continuation of GUARDIANS Advanced Content. While it will add many new items to the game, it will also introduce a wide variety of system updates and changes to how certain existing features work. As before, not all features will be added at once, but released in batches over a period of time.

New items

As with GUARDIANS Advanced Content, a massive number of new items will be added over time. These will include weapons, clothes, parts and hairstyles from other Phantasy Star titles, such as Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Phantasy Star Zero, as well as items that are completely new to the series.

Title system

The highly-popular title system from the Phantasy Star Portable series will make its debut in Ambition of the Illuminus. By reaching specific predetermined goals (such as defeating large quantities of enemies or playing for a certain amount of time), you will earn titles for your achievements as well as unique items that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Daily stamp

A special NPC will be added to the Resident Security Department on Clyez City 3F where you can go each day to collect what is known as a daily stamp. After collecting enough of these stamps, you will be able to exchange them for special items at the (Stamp Shop) as well as play the Stamp Gacha for chances at even more items! Once a day, premium course players will receive five stamps when they visit the RSD NPC for their stamp; free course players will receive only one stamp per day.

Mission acceptance improvements

Previously, in order to reach other missions not accessible from each city's main lobby, you were required to travel to various mid-point lobbies to access specific mission counters. With this update however, all missions found in these mid-point lobbies will be made accessible from their respective planet's GUARDIANS Branch (and in the case of the GUARDIANS Colony, these missions can be accessed from GUARDIANS HQ). When using this option, you will be able to select a lobby and mission counter from a list. Once a counter is selected, you will be transferred to that counter where you can select a mission or join another party.

Japanese PC/PS2 exclusive features

The following features are exclusive to the Japanese PC/PS2 version of Ambition of the Illuminus, and will not be released in the Xbox 360 version.

New GUARDIANS Cash uses

A few new GUARDIANS Cash-related services will be introduced.

  • GC Shop will be added, letting you purchase unique and useful items directly with GUARDIANS Cash.
  • GC Gacha (a part of GC Shop) will give you a chance at obtaining unique and rare clothes, parts and boost items from a random lottery.
  • Service coupons will be introduced as a type of currency earned by spending GUARDIANS Cash. Each time you spend any GC for a mission or other service, 20% of that total will be transferred into a service coupon bank. These coupons can then be used to exchange for unique items in (Service Coupon Exchange). Exchanges will include items that will allow for bonuses such as temporary boosts to EXP payout and drop rates.

Free and premium course

Following the introduction of community course with GUARDIANS Advanced Content, further alterations will be made to the system to expand on its potential. With these alterations comes two methods of playing Ambition of the Illuminus: free course and premium course.

Free course

Free course will allow players to enjoy Ambition of the Illuminus without having to pay a monthly fee. With no restriction on character level or playing time, free course players will have access to almost all missions (specific restrictions are detailed below). They will also be able to utilize GUARDIANS Cash to partake in the services it has to offer. However, the following restrictions will be in place for free course:

  • No access to your room and all related functions, including...
    • Partner machine (raising, item synthesis, storage, remodeling, etc.)
    • Common box storage (accessible only via NPC shops)
    • Player shops
  • Movement between universes is limited.
  • Trading items with premium course players is not allowed. In the case of items dropped on the floor by other players, they can be picked up only by premium course players.
  • GUARDIANS advanced style will not be available to free course players. However, if any customizations were acquired prior to becoming a free course player, they will remain in effect.
  • Vol Coins can be collected, however only VC bronze.gif 50 will be given per day (premium course players will receive VC silver.gif 1 VC bronze.gif 50). Their use in betting and exchanges will not be restricted.
  • Daily stamp collection is reduced from five stamps to one stamp per day.
  • Titles cannot be obtained, however data will still be recorded in the player record.
  • While all story missions can be played under free course, any subplots that require the play of certain side story missions will not be accessible.
  • Excluding (Passport to Subspace), no side story missions can be played.
  • Rare free missions can be earned, but not played.

Premium course

Previously the only way to play the game, premium course will take over as the paid subscription (GUARDIANS License) service. With none of the restrictions of free course, premium course players will have full access to the game and all it has to offer!

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