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Rafal Attacker

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SUV Gatling system.
Wipes out enemies w/ concentrated fire fr. a large-bore Gatling gun. (level 20+)


Item details

  • This unit is a SUV Weapon that can only be equipped by CASTs level 20 or higher.
  • Lower DFP LV4
  • Though lost in translation during the localization process, this weapon's name is a derivative of the word lahar, meaning pyroclastic landslide (and lava in Indonesian and Javanese). The connection is more apparent in the Japanese weapon name, ラファールアタッカー (rahuaruatatsuka), when compared to the Japanese pronunciation of lahar, ラハール (rahaaru).

Stats and pricing

Unit stats
Extra units
Mfr. G.R.M. Sp.
Rarity 7★ End. 3
Ver. Phantasy Star Universe
Pricing information
Buy price 64000
Sell price 6400
Shop location GRD-GS, G.R.M. Shop

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