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Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Enemy type Boss
Enemy size Large
Classification Boss
Elements Light Dark

Alterazgohg, once known as the secret weapon of the Communion of Gurhal, is a massive white dragon that was genetically engineered by COG scientists.

Defeating Alterazgohg in the Xbox 360 version of Ambition of the Illuminus will unlock an achievement worth 40 points.


  • Alterazgohg can attack by summoning two elemental birds, one light and the other dark, which fly in an outward spiral from their summoner. The light-element bird may inflict confusion on any player it hits while the dark bird can inflict virus. Being hit by one of these birds will also knock the victim off of their feet.
  • Alterazgohg features many of the same attacks as the other dragon bosses, such as trample, earthquake, tail swipe and laser shots from the mouth. It will also fly into the air when low on health; while doing so, the dragon may spit dark and light elemental spheres until it lands.
  • This boss can change its elemental attribute between dark and light at will. To identify its current element from afar, pay attention to whichever head Alterazgohg has held highest. If the eyes of the higher head are purple, the dragon has changed to dark; if its eyes are glowing white, it is light.
  • Of note is also the fact that on difficulties C-S, numerous elemental humanoid forms will engage you in battle by using Dammegid while spinning around. Also, the boss regenerates HP on these difficulties. On difficulty S2, neither of the previous two apply.


Stat modifiers Half damage
HP 1350% ATP 200% ATA 300%
TP 120% DFP 160% EVP 80%
MST 50% STA 300% EXP 3600%


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