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VR Space

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VR Space refers to any mission location which has been simulated through virtual reality. Common applications of this virtual plane include training missions, such as Holupe Dence's The Protectors α and The Protectors β, special event missions like those from the 1Up Platinum Cup and most notably, the virtual world discovered in Maximum Attack G, a VR battle simulator uncovered on Rykros.

Free missions

Partner missions

Versus missions

Story missions

GUARDIANS advanced missions

Extra stage

First stage

Second stage

Third stage

GUARDIANS Cash missions

Event missions

1Up Platinum Cup

Winter Event

Maximum Attack G

Winter Mission Carnival

Summer Event

Autumn Event

Maximum Attack G+

Spring Event

The Great Arms Race

Maximum Attack X


4th Anniversary Thanks Festa

GUARDIANS Chronicle 2nd

Maximum Attack Infinity

GUARDIANS Chronicle 3rd

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