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I am the sole writer for a blog called PSU Times (http://psutimes.blogspot.com/). I also happen to be a moderator on the official Sega and PSU forums. I've been meaning to help contribute to PSUP for some time now, but I believe this is as good a time as any to join in on the effort. This should do well for a short bio for now. I'll make a more proper one later.

Project pages:

To do list:

So basically at the moment I'm doing a ton of stuff to organize, clean, optimize, and patch up the site. There is also a good portion of focus put into trying to save bandwidth as it was continuing to become more and more of an issue. Unfortunately, this often means that I am flooding the recent changes with tons of minor edits to large groups of pages. In the future, navigation should be noticeably better and pages should generally be more consistent. There should also be fewer redundancies. There is actually a pretty solid point of completion for all this with a concrete plan. One day I'll put up a guide to it, but for now my notes look about as 'all over the place' as my contributions list.

Adventures in wikiing: http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?t=266580