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Template:Weapon stats test

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Template parameters

  • Category: Identify the weapon's category (of the 27) in this field.
  • Mfr.: Identify the weapon's manufacturer by using either G for G.R.M., Y for Yohmei, T for TENORA WORKS or K for Kubara.
  • Rarity: Identify the weapon's numeric rarity in this field.
  • Ver.: Identify the version of the game this weapon is from using either PSU, AOTI or AOTI GAC.
  • PP: List the weapon's base PP here.
  • Att.: List the weapon's base attack power here.
  • Tech.: List the weapon's base TECHNIC power here.
  • Acc.: List the weapon's accuracy here.
  • Req.: List the weapon's requirement here.
  • Variance: List the weapon's variance here. If unknown, leave this field blank.
  • Status effect: List the weapon's status effect (if it has one) here. In the case of a few whips which are available with only two elements, list both effects. If the weapon has no status effect, enter None.
  • Status effect 2: In very rare cases, a striking weapon can have two different effects which depend on its element. In such a case, enter the second status effect here (the first letter should be lowercase), otherwise this field can be deleted.
  • Effect LV: If the weapon has a status effect, list the level of the effect here.
  • If any values are unknown, leave the field blank! There is no need to enter question marks!

Blank template

{{Weapon stats test
|Status effect= 
|Effect LV= }}