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Template:New drop test

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Template parameters and usage

This template works in a slightly different manner from previously used drop templates. Basically, you will use the same template multiple times to achieve a drop chart in whatever size you need. The first template will act as the chart header to fill out the cells at the top to identify the data in the columns. The following templates will be used to fill in drop data while the final template will contain drop data as well as the footer to close out the table.

  • Header: In order to create the header of the drop table, enter a Y here and leave all other fields empty.

Avail.: Type either JP or Event here to identify a particular drop as exclusive to either the Japanese PC/PS2 servers or as an event-only drop.

  • Source: Identify from what or where the item drops with this parameter. This can be an enemy, area or mission.
  • Source type: In the case of enemy drops, this field will be left blank. With missions and areas, however, identify the type of drop with Normal box, Clear box, Area drop, Special box, Object or Unique boss drop.
  • Icon: Use either 360 or JP to identify a drop that is exclusive to a particular version of the game.
  • Level: Type the level range for the drop here. In the case of enemies and area drops, use numerals to identify the range; for missions, use letters (C-S2).
  • Ver.: Use this field to identify the version of the game the item drops from. By default, when left blank, this field will display both PSU and AOTI icons as many drops will be the same between both games. However, if an enemy or area drop is exclusive to one or the other, enter either PSU or AOTI to identify the exclusivity.
  • Type: Identify the drop type with this field. You can use Board, Unit, Line shield, Weapon or Material.
  • Category: Certain drops (weapons and units) will be categorized further from the parameter above. In the case of weapons, enter the weapon category name, first letter capitalized. (For example, Shotgun, Laser cannon, RCSM, etc.) For units, use Head, Arm, Body or Extra.
  • Footer: The final template used for a drop chart will require this parameter to be marked with a Y. Otherwise the table will not close properly.

Blank template

{{New drop test
|Source type= 
|Category= }}