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Mission counters

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Mission counters are locations spread across various lobbies of the Gurhal System where you can select and undertake missions. Though each lobby has at least one mission counter, keep in mind that not all mission counters will have available missions.

Mission counter options

When you enter a mission counter, you will be presented with the following options.

  • Select mission
  • Join party
  • Leave counter
  • Return to city

Select mission is an option that is available only to the party leader. When selected, this option will bring up a list of all missions that are available (if any) at that particular mission counter.
Join party will bring up a list of all parties that are running missions at that counter, allowing you to join any open party. This option is available only if you enter a counter by yourself.
Leave counter will return you to the lobby from which you entered the mission counter.
Return to city is available at mission counters that are located in field lobbies. This option will return you to the main city of the planet you are on.

Mission options

After selecting a mission, the following options will be available.

  • Start mission
  • Abandon mission
  • Edit party name
  • Edit comment
  • Party password
  • Adjust item distrib.
  • Leave counter
  • Return to city

Start mission will immediately begin the selected mission.
Abandon mission will cancel the selected mission.
Edit party name allows the party leader to choose a name for the party which will be displayed on the party list. By default, the party name will be the same as the leader's name.
Edit comment allows the party leader to write a short comment that can be viewed from the party selection list. This can be used to tell potential party members the purpose of a run, such as "Rappy hunting" or "PA Fragment runs."
Party password allows the leader to select a four digit password to lock their party, thus preventing anyone without the password from joining their group.
Adjust item distrib. gives different options for distributing normal and rare items to the party. These can be set individually to give items to whoever picks them up, distribute them in order to the party or to distribute them at random to the party.
Leave counter will exit the mission counter, returning you to the lobby from which you entered.
Return to city will send you back to the main city of the planet you are on. This option is available only if you are at a mission counter located in a field lobby.


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