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Mines refers to a massive subterranean laboratory that appears and disappears at random locations across Parum. Seemingly connected to the HIVE planet Rykros, this area is known to emit abnormally high nanotransformer activity to the immediate vicinity of its appearance. A virtual reality version of these mines also exists in the battle simulator "Maximum Attack."

In Phantasy Star Online, No Man's Mines was a laboratory run by one of the three autonomous AI systems - Vol Opt. It served as a base of operations beneath the Central Dome for Dr. Osto Hyle. Both Vol Opt and the guard machines in the Mines were corrupted by the D-Factor, which displayed the ability to corrupt AIs as well as living creatures.

Available missions

Free missions

Rare free missions

Area drops

Ambition of the Illuminus
LV Special drops LV1-9 LV10-19 LV20-29 LV30-39 LV40-49 LV50-59 LV60-69
Twin Ruby Bullet
Photon Drop Xbox 360 version
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
Missions -- -- MAG' C
Illusionary Shaft C
-- -- MAG' B
Illusionary Shaft B
LV LV70-79 LV80-99 LV100-124 LV125-149 LV150-174 LV175-189 LV190-200
-- -- -- -- Twin Grip Twin Grip Twin Grip
Missions -- MAG' A
Illusionary Shaft A
-- Illusionary Shaft S
MAG' S2 -- --


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