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Holtes Standby Area (party missions)

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Holtes Standby Area
Holtes City
Start lobby Holtes City: East District
Start counter GUARDIANS Branch
End lobby Holtes City: East District
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Mission type Recruitment mission

This room is used as a rendezvous point for party missions.

Mission details

  • You can use this mission to assemble a party to participate in the party mission The Egg Thieves. A maximum of four players can be in the room at a time.
  • Once you are ready to leave the room and begin a mission, everyone must approach the door. This will end the mission and take the party to the mission counter.
  • If you wish to leave the party, speak to the attendant in blue to ask her to transport you outside. This will return you to the lobby, leaving the remaining party members in the room.
  • By speaking to the attendant in blue, you can check your best clear times for The Egg Thieves, Her Secret Mission and Bruce's Dungeon.
  • This room contains an item vendor and PP recharging cube.
  • Players are able to use their weapons and photon arts while in this room.