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Grinder Base S

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Material for a grinder, used to upgrade weapon damage. Upgrades all weapon grades.

Item details

  • The Japanese name of this item is グラインダー基材S.
  • Boards for synthesizing Grinder Ss may be purchased at MA-GRMS: Clyez for 30,000 Meseta, and have a capacity of five grinders per board.
  • One of these can be obtained from The Collector by trading in either of the following materials and quantities:
  • Can be obtained by trading in the following items at Special Trading Stn.:
  • Three of these can be obtained by exchanging the following items at Desert Arms Shop:
  • This item can be obtained in a stack of five by earning each of the following titles:
    • "One With the God of Destruction" (successfully grind a weapon 50 times)
    • "One With Carnage" (successfully grind a weapon 100 times)
    • "One With the God of War" (successfully grind a weapon 200 times)
    • "One With the Furies" (successfully grind a weapon 500 times)
    • "One With the Gods" (successfully grind a weapon 1,000 times)
  • This item can be obtained in a stack of ten by earning each of the following titles:
    • "Godly Inheritance" (successfully grind a weapon 2,000 times)
    • "Divine Follower" (successfully grind a weapon 3,000 times)
    • "One With the Great Deities" (successfully grind a weapon 4,000 times)
    • "Divine Inheritance" (successfully grind a weapon 5,000 times)
    • "Super Elite" (defeat 25,000 monsters)
    • "Super Monster" (defeat 50,000 monsters)
    • "Scene of Carnage" (defeat 100,000 monsters)
    • "Evil Spirit" (defeat 250,000 monsters)
    • "Fierce God" (defeat 500,000 monsters)