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Green Green Line

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A line shield based on worker's wear from Parum. Designed to withstand a charging koltova.

Item details

  • The synthesis board for this line shield currently is available only on the Japanese PC/PS2 server.
  • This line shield has a set bonus with Koltova Gun.

Stats, synthesis, etc.

Line shields
Def. 133 Att. 0
Rarity 10★ Eva. 207 Acc. 0
Ver. Ambition of the Illuminus Ment. 191 Tech. 0
Mfr. G.R.M. End. 2 Req. 112
Board stats
Photon ??? photon x20 Ore Junaline x10
Hard material Nanopolymer x20 Biomaterial Koltova Milk x20
[B] uses 1 Synth rate 50-76%
Synth time 4:00 [B] used [B] Green Green Line
Pricing information
Line shield Board
Buy price N/A Buy price N/A
Sell price 128000 Sell price Unknown
Shop location Not for sale Shop location Not for sale
Slot information
Head Arm Body Extra
Arm units
Body units
Extra units
Drop information
Source Level Ver. Type
Koltova 150-174 Ambition of the Illuminus
Line shields
Koltova 175-199 Ambition of the Illuminus Synthesis board