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This article describes the glossary viewed from the "My Room Help" menu of a vision phone. For a list of terms with the definitions for those terms, see glossary.


Ethan Waber

A Guardian assigned to the Mobile Defense Force. He joined the GUARDIANS during the emergency recruitment period following the initial SEED attack.

He became well-known within the GUARDIANS for his key roles in the defense of the Confinement Systems and the rescue of scientists from the HIVE, but he is currently wanted for attempting to assassinate President Dallgun. Authorities are looking for him throughout the Gurhal System.

Karen Erra

An exceptional Guardian, one of the few to earn a Class AA rating. She was Ethan Waber's instructor during his training.

There are no records of her participation in any missions after the rescue of Mirei Mikuna. She has since left the GUARDIANS and her whereabouts are unknown.

Mirei Mikuna

The Divine Maiden, symbol of the Communion of Gurhal. It is said that she has the power to see all things with the assistance of the Holy Light.

She is currently working to uncover the Confinement System on Neudaiz. After two long periods of convalescence, she is once again preforming her duties vigorously.

Obel Dallgun

The 17th president of the GUARDIANS. He was wounded in an assassination attempt by Ethan Waber, but his recovery has been good, and he has returned to his duties as of a few days ago.

Lucaim Nav

The headmaster of the GUARDIANS training school from which you graduated.

A key member of the GUARDIANS from its earliest days, he is like a father to the GUARDIANS organization.

Alfort Tylor

The eldest son of the Tylor Family, one of the four major forces among the rogues. He has parted ways with his family, however, and has built an independent group of space pirates known as Tylor's Gang.

He was a wanted man for his suspected involvement in shady dealings with the Endrum Collective, but was eventually pardoned in light of his key role in the HIVE operation.

Renvolt Magashi

Formerly an Endrum Collective officer assigned to RELICS preservation. It appears, however, that in practice he was actually the leader of the entire organization.

He was a cunning man, ruthless in carrying out his missions. After many battles against Ethan Waber, he has been reported dead.

Kou Taragi

One of the leading scientists in the field of A-Photon research, he passed away in the HIVE after being abducted by the Endrum Collective.

His research has been exemplary, and many have claimed his work could have surpassed even Dr. Tomrain's, had he been able to continue.

It appears that his research has been taken over by Maya Shidow of the GUARDIANS.

Kanal Tomrain

Founder of the modern field of A-Photon research, he was one of the first to recognize a link between the SEED and the RELICS. He also played a key role in using the Confinement System to put an end to the SEED attacks.

He continues to work on his research with the support of the GUARDIANS.



The first planet in the Gurhal System. Parum is a planet ruled by CASTs. All key positions in politics are held by CASTs.

Years of war ravaged the planet to the point where the vast majority of "nature" has been artificially created.

Tarcus City, the site of the Tripartite Alliance, is the capital city. The center of commerce, however, is Holtes City.

There are approximately 1 billion humans living on Parum, with another 100 million living elsewhere in the Gurhal System. There are roughly 50 million CASTs on Parum, with another 50 million living elsewhere.


Neudaiz is primarily inhabited by newmans.

80% of the planet's surface is covered by water.

The 2nd planet in the System, Neudaiz is a theocracy, governed by the Communion of Gurhal.

Approximately 500 million newmans live on Neudaiz, and 10 million more live on other planets.


The third planet in the Gurhal System, Moatoob is primarily inhabited by Beasts who must contend with a harsh environment in order to survive.

Natural resources are abundant, drawing a endless stream of newcomers looking to get rich quick.

The satellite belt, the orbiting remnants of a disintegrated moon, is said to hold rich deposits of yet- undiscovered minerals.

There are no major metropolitan areas on Moatoob. Each city sends representatives to the Moatoob trade organization, the closest thing to a planetary government, but it has little centralized power.

It appears that the underground society of rogues is far more adept at carrying out the role of a government.

Approximately 100 million beasts live on Moatoob and the satellite belt, and another 100 million live elsewhere in the system.



The largest private security company in the Gurhal System.

The Solar System Police lack the resources to effectively maintain peace throughout the vast Gurhal System, so private organizations like the GUARDIANS are given police powers under limited circumstances relating to the protection of clients.

This police power has increased since the SEED attacks, thus many requests continue to this day.

Allied Military Force

A military force created by the Tripartite Alliance.

Each planetary government provides personal and resources to the AMF, which acts from a position of neutrality to protect the entire region from any unrest or uprising with overwhelming military force.

The majority of the AMF is comprised of CASTs, but certain units are made up of other races, used to investigate or infiltrate radical groups.

Endrum Collective

A unit withing the Alliance Military Force. Little is known about the unit, except for its goal of RELICS preservation and the name of its leader, Endrum Harness. All other information was deemed classified.

Due to the events involving Renvolt Magashi, the Endrum Collective has been dismantled.

Communion of Gurhal

The most widespread religion in the Gurhal System.

The Communion of Gurhal teaches that photons are the basis of all life, and that photons (or the Holy Light, as they are referred to by the COG) control all events.


A general term that refers to those who live outside the law, generally based on Moatoob.

Most make their living as pirates, or by manufacturing or dealing in black market arms. Many beasts work in connected fields to rogue activities.


The largest corporate conglomerate in the Gurhal System. GRM has strong ties to the AMF and manufactures a wide range of military assets, from warships and machinery to small firearms.

GRM retains the exclusive right to manufacture CAST bodies, and makes a wide variety of CAST parts as well.


The largest arms supplier on Neudaiz, specializing in technology that makes use of both science and TECHNICs.

The corporation is said to own many patents in shielding technology.


The largest military supplier on Moatoob, TENORA WORKS manufactures a wide array of machinery ranging from civilian and industrial vehicles to military weaponry. In terms of corporate scale, however, it's a relatively small business by Parum standards.

It's products are well-known for their practicality and durability.


A transportation agency created by a joint investment by the three planetary governments 100 years ago, as part of the Tripartite Treaty.

Operates and manages public transportation systems such as vector tracks, linear lines, and flyers.



A form of energy that forms the basis for modern technology in the Gurhal System.

The majority of technology in the Gurhal System is powered by photon reactors, which take in the photon particles that are abundant throughout the system, from planetary atmospheres to interplanetary space.

Photons react to mental energy, and photon reactors can change output depending on the amount of mental energy affecting them.


A new type of energy harnessed for practical use approximately 15 years ago. A-Photon crystals are created by the crystallization of copolymerized photon particles. When these A-Photon crystals are broken down, an enormous amount of energy is released.

Line Shields

A defensive mechanism that surrounds the wearer in a protective field of photons and absorbs the majority of external impacts.

Nano Transformers

Technology that takes advantage of "Distortion Space" to provide individuals with convenient mobile storage.

Shortly after they were introduced, they became popular as devices that freed people from the burden of having to carry items. They are now indispensable parts of people's lives.


A weapon deployment system, usable only bu CASTs, that uses a network of specialized military satellites to deploy weapons throughout the Gurhal System.

The GUARDIANS have contracted with the AMF to lease space on some of the satellites for equipment storage.


In order to survive on the harsh conditions of Moatoob, Beasts have an ability known as "Nanoblast," which allows them to transform into monsters.

Essentially, any Beast can use Nanoblast, but in the recent times of peace, fighting has been a rarity, and resources are plentiful. Nowadays, most Beasts live their entire lives without ever using their Nanoblast ability.

Multiple different types of this ability have been recorded, and each is ingrained in the beast's DNA. The use of "Blast Badges" allows a beast to use the different abilities as necessary.

Partner Machines

A support machine assigned to each Guardian.

The machine works to support the Guardian in his or her daily life with scheduling, inventory management, item production, etc.

Kubara Products

A general term that refers to products produced by unapproved, illegal, or black market manufacturers.

The name comes from Kubara City, a hive of junk shops on Moatoob.

SEED / Ancient Civilization


Life forms that suddenly appeared on the 100th anniversary of the Tripartite Alliance.

Waves of SEED landed on planet surfaces and the colony.

When SEED-Cores land, they sprout the flower-like "blewme" and root-like "zoma," and contaminate the surrounding land. Research has revealed that the SEED are drawn to A-Photons. This is likely why the SEED land near RELICS sites.

The activation of the Confinement System was thought to have sealed away the vast majority of the SEED, but there are still scattered reports of SEED landings.

The Ancient Civilization

A civilization which flourished in the Gurhal System as early as twelve thousand years age. It left numerous RELICS sites throughout the system as proof of its existence, but the reason for its fall remains a mystery.

After the SEED invasion, investigations into the RELICS revealed that the ancient civilization was much more advanced in the use of A-Photon technology than modern science.

It is thought that the ancient civilization's demise may have had something to do with their material and technological advancements at the cost of the mental and spiritual ones.


The majority of them were thought to have fallen into decay, but the SEED invasion uncovered many more RELICS sites, and some have even been confirmed to be active.

Confinement System

Refers to enormous, tower-like nano transformers built by the ancient civilization during the Confinement War to confine the SEED.

Has the capability to create distortion spaces on an unmatched scale.


There are a number of different types of contamination caused by the SEED, depending on the nature of the ground the SEED land on.

When the SEED land, they take root in the ground and spread quickly. Eventually they sprout flower-like objects that produce and spread viral spores.

Animals infected by the SEED-Virus become extremely violent and cannot be cured. It appears, however, that the virus has no effect on people.

Normal weapons have no effect on SEED contamination, so they must be purified using specialized equipment.


Refers to the SEED nest created when the SEED infest an energy plant satellite containing an A-Photon reactor.

The SEED used their new fortress as a bridgehead to launch attacks on the Gurhal System. The recently- discovered HIVE was destroyed by an AMF fleet.



The most numerous race in the Gurhal System, and the original race from which the others were derived.

Humans have balanced abilities, with physical attributes and life spans that are similar to Earth humans.


CASTs were originally created to serve humans, but when they became self-aware, this led to a struggle for rights, and years of strife where CASTs finally dominate the administration of human society in Parum.

The rational, logical approach favored by CASTs in a large advantage in managing a cold, strict government.

CASTs can be equipped with combat abilities far beyond those of humans, and can also use SUV-Weapons.


A race resulting from human efforts to create a new, superior breed of human.

The genetic engineering was focused on the enhancement of mental abilities, and as a result the average newman has reaction speeds, intelligence, and memory that easily best a human's, but their physical abilities are significantly less developed.

The greater mental abilities make newmans well suited to the use of TECHNICs, but the lack of physical prowess makes them vulnerable in combat.


A race genetically engineered to survive in the harsh weather and working conditions in the mining sites of Moatoob.

They can be distrustful, but have strong senses of family and loyalty.

Their physical abilities are greater than other races, and they can gain "nanoblast" and transform into a larger, more physically powerful form.