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Dengeki Mission Carnival

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The Dengeki Mission Carnival is the Japanese PC/PS2 version of the local servers' Winter Mission Carnival. This article details the differences between each version of the event.


  • In the Dengeki Mission Carnival, players had to earn points to go toward a server-wide tally, which in turn would unlock new in-game content as well as various tangible prizes. With the Winter Mission Carnival, however, there were no rewards to unlock. All mission-related content was made available either from the start of the event or with periodic content updates throughout the event.
  • The Japanese version of Panther Blitz rewarded players who completed the single player run of the track within one minute with a Bukra Dengeki, a wand named and designed after an issue of the Japanese magazine Dengeki. This prize was replaced with Rappy Tippies in the local version of the mission. In the Dengeki Mission Carnival, Rappy Tippies were awarded as a milestone prize for earning 160,000 points.
  • Other event rewards included the (Holy Ray/D) (a perfect score on (Protectors' Choice)) and SPEED KING (a milestone prize). It is unknown if, when, or how these items will be provided locally.


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