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De Ragnus

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De Ragnus
De Ragnus.jpg
Version Phantasy Star Universe
Enemy type Boss
Enemy size Large
Classification Boss
Elements Neutral

A massive, two-headed flying dragon; one of his heads breaths fire, the other ice. In addition, De Ragnus attacks with a powerful tail swipe, and a less-powerful trample attack.


The De Ragnus has a multitude of attacks. Players much weaker than the De Ragnus can be staggered or even knocked down by its trampling footsteps. Those attacking its tail can be struck by it, usually dealing two blows of damage. The De Ragnus can perform a slam that hits everyone in the radius of the blast. It can also breathe fire or ice, either by a concentrated stream, or balls of fire or ice. Its last ground based attack is a running charge, knocking down anyone in the way. When the De Ragnus flies, it can strike by flying towards the player. While in the air, it can also fire multiple fireballs that if you run directly away from the De Ragnus the fireball will explode on the ground behind you. After it is ready to land, it will land with its claws extended out, slamming anyone in it's way.


Stat modifiers Half damage
HP 1720% ATP 250% ATA 300%
TP 240% DFP 310% EVP 150%
MST 180% STA 300% EXP 2600%


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