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Absolute Zero (event)

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Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is an event for the Xbox 360 servers which ran from December 3, 2010, through January 20, 2011. The equivalent event for the Japanese PC/PS2 servers ran from July 16, 2009, through August 27, 2009.

Having established a partnership with Don Tylor, leader of the New Rogues, the first step toward a new era was taken. President Laia Martinez next approached the Communion of Gurhal to inquire about LSS technology in hopes of using it to oppose the threat of the enormous HIVE. Her request was denied. In response to Light Master Rutsu's obstinate stance, Laia sent a small group of Guardians into the Communion's LSS facility to carry out an investigation. During the investigation however, the LSS facility was destroyed by a mysterious explosion!

Despite the incident at the LSS facility, President Martinez and the Communion of Gurhal were able to come to an agreement and join forces to move toward a common goal of peace across Gurhal. Though for the time being, the LSS, which protected Neudaiz from SEED attacks, was disabled. As if sensing the planet's vulnerability, the recently-discovered gigantic HIVE unleashed an attack! As the SEED cores dropped to the planet's surface, ice contamination spread across the land at an alarming rate. All Guardians are being called to arms to take part in the military operation "Absolute Zero!"

Event overview

The objective of Frozen Flowers, the main event mission, was to purify the ice-infected creatures that were running wild in and around Old Hakura Temple while destroying the SEED cores that were spreading their icy infection. At the beginning of each run, players received a Photon Reflector, a piece of equipment vital to purifying SEED cores. Used in conjunction with the naturally-occurring photon spots, this tool can break through the protective Blewme, exposing the SEED core to make it vulnerable to normal weapons. After clearing the main mission, players were given the opportunity to take on a purification challenge in the frozen tundra of Vio Tonga through the bonus mission Frigid Challenge. Cooperation was key here, so well-planned strategies were a must!

As players purified the infected creatures, the total number of kills was tallied on the official event site. (Enemy counts were added to the server-wide total at the end of each mission.) When the kill count reached specific milestones, rewards for both during and after the event were unlocked. Furthermore, the main and bonus missions featured boosted EXP payout, and the Rayspheres collected from missions could be taken to the event trading post to swap out for many exclusive items!

Event missions

The following missions were available for the duration of Absolute Zero, unless otherwise noted.

Prologue mission

Tutorial mission

Main mission

Bonus mission

Item exchange mission

Special mission

Recruitment mission

Event rewards

As the event progressed, the total number of enemies defeated in the main and bonus missions was added to a server-wide point tally. These points were then used to unlock various in-game rewards, some of which took effect on the event immediately, and others which were issued at a point following the end of the event.

5,000,000 7,500,000 10,000,000 12,500,000
Two weeks of megaholy light for all races![1]
Free makeovers at Lumilass for two weeks![1]
5x daily Vol Coin allowance for two weeks![1]
All clothes/parts half-price for two weeks![1]
15,000,000 17,500,000 20,000,000 22,500,000
Route 1 now open in Frozen Flowers!
Weapon/armor synth success rates +15% for two weeks![1]
Neudaiz Collectible for all event participants!
10x daily Vol Coin allowance for two weeks![1]
25,000,000 27,500,000 30,000,000 35,000,000
Route 2 now open in Frozen Flowers!
Weapon grinding success rates +10% for two weeks![1]
Time extended by 120 seconds in Frigid Challenge!
Photon art EXP boost for two weeks![1]
40,000,000 45,000,000 50,000,000 60,000,000
Weapon/armor synth success rates +20% for two weeks![1]
Sacred Dusters (25% ice) for all event participants!
Weapon grinding success rates +15% for two weeks![1]
Shippu (25% ice) for all event participants!

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