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Chat macros

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# = only party receives text
@(number)(number) = first number makes a face, second number sets the angle of the face
@c = thought bubbble
@s = shout
{(color)} change text color. e.g. {red}hello
!(number) = change attack voice (on the field only)
&(number) = after typing press A or attack for a sound effect (on the field only) (&6 is the level up sound Razz)

For multiple chat functions e.g. shout and a face, put the letter first, then the numbers (e.g. @s03)

Syntax : <A>/alt<C> (space) @<D><E><F> (space) <G><H> (space) {} Your Text

<A> = Party Chat [#] <-- Add # before any sentence to broadcast your message in party chat instead of public
<B> = Opposite Gender's Animation [s] <-- s stands for shift, don't enter s for your gender's animation
<C> = Character Animation [f1] Sit ~ [f12] Boredom, [a] Angry ~ [z] Bow
<D> = Text Bubble Style [s] Screaming Bubble [c] Thinking Bubble <-- Leave this category blank for default chat bubble
<E> = CUT-IN Emotion [0] Smile ~ [9] Angry
<F> = CUT-IN Face Direction [0] ~ [3]
<G> = SE (Sound Effect) &0 ~ 127
<H> = Voice !0~26
<I> = Font Color {red} {blu} {gre} {yel} {ora} {pur} {vio} {bei} {gra} {whi} {blk} <-- Make sure you include the brackets {} for font color

  • Command inputs are case-sensitive, leave your letters in lower-case.
  • Sound Effects are only usable during combat/missions
  • Voices 0~11 are only usable during combat/missions
  • Voices 12~26 are only usable in rooms

To chat with Character Animations simply enter : /<B>alt<C> + Your Text
To chat with CUT-IN simply enter : @<D><E><F> + Your Text
To chat with colors simply enter :{color code here} Your Text

  • You can enter multiple colors in a sentence

Misc. Chat commands :
/menu <- Opens up the menu
/item <- Opens inventory menu
/map <- Opens up Map
/party <- Opens party menu
/mail <- Opens mail menu
/partnercard <- Opens partner card menu
/shortcut <- Opens shortcut menu
/dice <- Rolls a 6-sided dice
/random <- Picks a random number from 0~1000
/card <- Draws a random card from a deck

Color= {color}Text
Face= Hold Right Trigger when you click OK.
Face Angle= same, but press left or right to select angle
Exclamitory Box= Hold Left Trigger when you press OK
Thinking Bubbles=Hold Left Joystick Button when you click OK
Next Line=Press Right Joystick Button
Shortcut for OK=Press Y
Shortcut for Backspace=Press B
Shortcut Phrases=Press Right on D-Pad (can combine with others like color,size,face,excalmation box,thinking bubble,etc..)