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Holy Light Maiden

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The Holy Light Maiden of the COG's Shitenkaku.

The Holy Light Maiden of the COG's Shitenkaku. A shrine maiden providing omikuji, random fortunes, located at the "Ohtoku: Shitenkaku" lobby on Neudaiz. It is possible to change your Photon Fortune for a period of time by buying a fortune from her.


Fortune "Pine" 10000 Meseta
Fortune "Bamboo" 1000 Meseta
Fortune "Plum" 100 Meseta
"One fortune costs _____ Meseta. Will you choose a fortune?" [Yes/No]
"Today's fortune is..."
Miniholy Everything is going your way. There is little need for concern, as each path you choose will turn out to be the best one.  
Midholy Difficulties abound, but persevere. Help will arrive from an unexpected source, and your path from there on will be smooth. ★☆☆ 1
Superholy A momentary lapse in vigilance can lead to trouble. If you stay alert, you will eventually reach your goal. ★★☆ 2
Megaholy Dangers lurk along your path, and disaster awaits those who are not prepared. Make sure you are ready to face them. ★★★ 3
"Your wishes may not come true yet, but the Holy Light is with you always. I will add my prayers to yours... "
"The holy light is strong, as always. Please come again."

Related facts

  • Behind her are three containers for randomly drawing fortunes. Drawn fortune paper strips are attached to the displays at both sides of her.

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