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Shred the Darkness (event)

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This article pertains to an event which is no longer active, but is kept for historical purposes.

Shred the Darkness was a story-driven event which connected directly with the occurrences of Episode 3 as the story was brought to a close. It ran from April 17 to May 28th, 2009. Outside of informational and exchange missions, three mission types were present in this event: extermination, defense and purification. Furthermore, as with certain previous events, participants earned points which went toward a server-wide total. As predetermined milestones were reached, various prizes were unlocked. Also, in the event missions, enemy EXP payout and item drop rates were increased.

Event missions


As players ran the main event missions (extermination, defense and purification missions only), the total number of enemies defeated were added to a server-wide point tally, which finished at 144,453,046. These points were then to be used to unlock various in-game rewards. Enemies killed in the side story mission The Magashi Plan did not count toward the server's total.

5,000,000 10,000,000 15,000,000 20,000,000
Two weeks of megaholy light
for all races![1]
SONIC Disc jukebox disc for
all event participants!
All clothes/parts half-price
for two weeks![1]
Free makeovers at Lumilass
for two weeks![1]
30,000,000 40,000,000 50,000,000 65,000,000
G. Colony Collectible for all
event participants!
Weapon/armor synth success
rates +20% for two weeks![1]
Weapon grinding success rates
+15% for two weeks![1]
10x daily Vol Coin allowance
for two weeks![1]
80,000,000 100,000,000
Photon art 2x EXP boost for two weeks![1]
RCSM Darkness Preta for all event participants!

Individual rewards

Predetermined milestones were set so that players who reached these marks would receive a special gift. As with the main event rewards, only points accumulated through defeating enemies in the extermination, defense and purification missions were counted. Enemies killed in the side-story mission did not go toward the point total. When a player hit the required mark, they would be notified by an on-screen message, after which the reward mission, Hit the Counter!, would appear at the GUARDIANS HQ mission counter, allowing a player to collect their prize.

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Reference notes

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